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Let me back up symbol act like e mail phishing are now labeled as cyber new ca tax that are going after our industry that require a permanent fbi presence to monitor and tackle phishing emails which can be generated by shitty python scripts and sent out at the millions this is truly distort where the morons who don't even understand how this stuff works are now running the institution and this is what we get send email over to you in hope that you click on the attachment i received this phishing email i click on it email has literally been around for more than thirty years and attachments have been around for more than twenty years this is nothing new you can go back to zee tv and watch young lille port advise you not to open attachments back in the nineties nothing is new about this you click on the attachment i received this phishing email might click on it and that could cost my employer millions of dollars potentially yeah and your job to and energy technologies company am sc shutdown it's middleton plant after chinese companies dole software more than seven hundred people lost their jobs you see what a corporate a corporation uses as a public excuse for their actions can't be cited as evidence it can be data point so you can say all right xyz corporation at one point claim they were shutting down because of a cyber attack you can say that but you can't say it's with absolute certainty just like in the case of the sony attack where it was clearly an internal leak because they knew the exact unc pass the windows file servers down to the exact directory structures the file permissions you don't just come across that kind of stuff these people knew that stuff they knew how to get those files and they took them out on thumb drives and it's clear that's what happened but publicly for insurance reasons pr reasons and many others publicly sony blamed north korean hackers you remember the interview remember that whole thing around the interview bullshit it was all bullshit was an internal leak it sony you can even find people involved who on youtube who are.

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