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Radio network. Air appealed has cleared out in the wake of the bill's second loss in a row twenty seven Twenty-three the jets avenge their blowout loss to the bills when Matt Barkley played against them. About a month ago four nine so no chance of even five hundred season this year. It's three left to at home Detroit. Then at New England and Miami here to round it out. Mike Chopin the bulldog here, we'll get to Tremaine Edmonds in a moment. Here's some of his comments after this game. You think you would have enjoyed coming to this game? Like as a fan today. It was sunny. Yeah. The the key for me would have been which side of the stadium. I was sitting at sitting in the jet side, the sun side is we call it beautiful all day. I bet it was great, right? I'll predict to operate Accu right into right into the end of the game. The sun was shining over there. Great job by the sun. Yeah. And by half of the stadium for the sun. Thanks, thanks for being here today. Son is our player of the game. Literally, there's applause in the room for the sun. Let's hear from Tremaine Edmonds in the locker room, you know, how disappointing is that. You couldn't get to get that final stopping in that drive and get them off. View and get the win. Yeah. I mean is very disappointed me which by the way in our day. Every time we step on the field. But a couple of days and go away this time. So let's look at them. And learn from obviously,.

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