Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Tito discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing - Monday 30 October


And it would seem the strategy worked last year cambodia welcomed mold and five million tourists and fewer than half of them so much as set foot in nine call the country and the world bank hope that means repeat visits will be on the cards these days i found myself zipping through the mostly tiny airports around what used to be yugoslavia and the theory that post conflict destinations of some of the most welcoming places to travel seems to be true seven countries eventually emerged from the violent breakup of tito's panslav dream and all of them of embraced tourists with varying degrees of alacrity as you might expect the two eu member states among the number of the most advanced in the strategy slovenia kennelly points out that it has love in its name it's certainly offers an embrace to everyone from extreme sports afficionados two goal moms attracted by loubna's open kitchen and on a russian the world's best female chef the julian alps a third on the new looney planet hot list with kranjska gora recently acclaimed europe's best value ski resort and a central slovenia treasure hunt even rewards visitors with locally inspired gifts if they post photos on social media tourism contributes a fifth of croatia's gdp even if old visitors seemed to be crowding the ancient city of dubrovnik but even though managing cruise ship numbers as a challenge dubrovnik still looking to welcome more people it's just launched project winter a program to attract tourists out of season with a special discount called.

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