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I am not going to say the excited ghostbusters. Sending jason reitman fan. I i'm not going to say okay. Okay okay look at my smile. They can't see it. But i can. Okay wing sorry. Have you ever have you ever made a pitch for. You've done so much for disney. You may like star. Wars like disney plus. Tv show pitch an animated series pitch. No i mean again. I wanna as much as i love playing in toy boxes. I want to create my own toy box. Admit if i was in my twenties. I'd wanna to do that as a way to like. Learn how to do it. But now that i'm in my fifties do create stuff mohawk was mode doc but now create my own realm. I wanna try whether it fails or not. I just i did. A few comics dc dark horse this summer. That will come out in the fall. did a mohawk miniseries tie-in with our tv show. But i i wanna create some original stuff and then see if it's good enough for other people to run with you know i. I just want to know if. I have an emmy. Maybe i don't. But i got no one way or the other so there is some stuff i'm going to. I think once things get rolling again their stuff. I want to create from the ground up and to see how that feels. What's the most prized piece of movie. Memorabilia that you own pen the most prized piece of movie memorabilia. I have the original maquette that The pixar guys used sculpture of remmy when they were figuring out because they build three d models for the animated. So i have that a new c. Like where they finally nailed at the thing. I wish i could find. Is apparently brad bird to pencil. Test of remmy. Doing my black angus steakhouse bit. Which and he showed it to dizzy like this voice. I want to like. He's really cursing no they won't be like cursing the movie like this. You weirdos so like i so there was that i'm trying to find that but yeah the little remmy maquette is is really beautiful. That's really amazing about that. Well i don't wanna take up too much of your time. You've got seven thousand products to attend to. Yes i do and a country. I have my daughters to attend to so exactly. But i i will mention again patent oswald six pack movie marathon September of a november. Seventh saturday nine. Am pacific time noon eastern time others encore presentation on november eighth at and three pm eastern shout factory's main website and a thousand other platforms that i'm sure you guys can figure out because you guys are all smart else. Bright damn it pat him. Thanks so much for your time man. Say do me on please. Please be safe There's no second wave coming. I never went away and now that the winter is coming. It's going to be even more so please. Please be safe and so ends another edition of happy. Sad confused. remember to review right and subscribe to this show on i tunes or wherever you get your focus on the big cost passing. I'm daisy ridley. Definitely both impression despite..

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