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The sound of the boom verbis boop boop, as always at work stealing shit from plans. But they do it like sustainably. Between the spring on for autumn. For boom Bubis accumulate fouls of 'em aisles which enables them to fly business business premium wherever fake. Oh, and insures that twin checking into a new flower, face seldom experience queuing. A young male mind playing with a ball basket. He isolates himself from the world with headphones on which he still listens to some Queen fo- increasingly he enjoys the mating calls of a mumble rappers. Over on a big field. A giant sprinkler thing on a massive hose is set up so that the stinky, rabbits can have a shower and get cleaned up before a night of heavy, but respectful rapid sex. This bud is on the weekend break from the city. But as you can hear it is still receiving real time stock data, which is knowing for its pot. This time of year, the country, is filled with many tasty summary snacks. A hot dog. Just thinking that I kept telling referring to the author of that book educated as terra that's the way she pronounces, her name Tara. So I should be respectful and pronounce it the same way. Right. Even though in this country we all know it's Tara. This is an important. Thank you very much indeed, to shame. His Murphy, Mitchell. Full his production support on this episode. I continue to be profoundly grateful. Thanks also to Anika Meyson. Excellent. Additional edit work. Thanks annika. I appreciate you. And I'm grateful feel skill. Thanks day cost the hosting this in so many other great too many. I mean it's turning into a monopoly of podcasts, but I'm grateful to them. Don't forget that. If you're Joan grunt fan that bonus audio and Spotify playlist of electronic music is available right now on the Adam Buxton app, the free at in Buxton at, and that bonus audio

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