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Hello morrow is welcome to the lairs happy valentine's day visit this is our special romance episode we're here to talk about comics as well already given that yeah right we're going to act when all the new comics that are out this week on sale february fourteen twenty 18 we got our butts ton novel but ton so i'm going to dive right into it first up we've got amazing spiderman annual number forty two if you don't want an annual is real quick an annual is a book that comes out once a year sort of bigger than your traditional issue of the conflict series so larger than regular issue of mrs federman anna these tell tales that sometimes they tied to other things sometimes they're just oneoffs usually they include a couple of different stories i'm a big fan of annuals because i grew up reading them and they're always like a big deal so this one does have that feel of the annuals of your the first one is called bury the leads which works on a number of levels here a really really dig it threaten by dance slot art by corey smith inks and finishes by terry palette colors by brian river and letters by joe karam anya it's got the enforcers in it i love the enforcers they got these like new looks a hip uh with the enforcers are back from the dead slash clowns against who whatever i'm happy you've got ox who's the big dude montana is a dude that uses with real good and has a cool hat angry facial hair but fancy dan is my man he's a kid has fighter and cracked shot i mean he definitely gets his ass kicked all the time but he's also had his name is fancied dan how do you not love fancy dan antidam man yeah exactly this story is actually super cobras it's connected to the old spiderman rochas wolverine that was the story of the death of net leads the salk so ties into clone conspiracy both great stories its super phony could tell its dense lobbying like almost almost spiderman i wanna do something with net leads and all the classic things that i loved and i was reading comic so it's it's really really cool you've got secret pastures under new york city you got the shadow arm of the marjieh roger being the organized crime family of.

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