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Is it should be a natural an innate in us to tell yourself this refugee crisis is manageable nor unsolvable and each one of us as a personal responsibility to help make it so because this is about the rescue of us an hour whose as well as the rescue of refugees analyze thank you very much indeed david miller band he runs the international rescue committee and he's written a book about these issues it's called rescue you can see his full talk at ted dot com today on the show the big five the biggest challenges we all face and whether they can be solved and another one of those challenges political instability i think that's right and one of the reasons why this geopolitical period is going to be so uncertain this because we don't yet have the answers of what comes next this is ian bremmer he's a political scientist the comparative stability of the geopolitical environment led by the united states was a long cycle it started after world war two obviously the cold war was a big part of it but still the us had driven all of the architecture of the wto the united nations the imf the world bank of in all of these global institutions those are now unwinding and he and says these institutions are unwinding because the united states is abandoning its leadership role in the world no one's in charge now the us is still the world's only superpower but it's absolutely not leading the world in bremmer explains how we got here from ted stage over here because does the united states right i mean we spent two trillion dollars on wars in iraq and afghanistan that were failed we don't want to do that anymore we have large numbers of middle and working classes that feel like they've not benefited from promises of globalization so i don't wanna see it particularly the americans don't want to be the global sheriff for security or the architect of global trade the americans don't want to even be the cheerleader of global values well then you look to europe and the most important alliance in the world has been the transatlantic relationship but it is now we could end has been at any point since world war two china does wanted you more leadership they do but only in the economic sphere and they want their own value standards currency in competition with that of.

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