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Ted Williams tunnel westbound jammed up inside so were those connector tunnels to the north of the city one twenty eight north a slow go winter street up to Lexington and winds street up to ninety three and ninety three is inching along from the sink and bridge of the Roosevelt circle from spot upon up to one twenty eight two Mike king with WBZ's traffic on the three thousand rounds of this evening as we head towards dawn tomorrow there could be a shower around in a few spots temperatures in the mid sixties a humid day tomorrow the clouds and sun and a thunderstorm possible late into the evening so starting in the afternoon. getting those thunderstorms ones tomorrow eighty six with green fields in the afternoon near ninety body tomorrow Nigel sixty six and then clouds couple showers early on Thursday hi seventy one Friday some sunshine little bit cooler only in the upper sixties to near seventy this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop. good afternoon I'm Ted Parker here the five things you need to know at three forty five John Paul was out president trump says he's fired his national security adviser citing strong disagreements on a number of policy issues guilty pleas on three charges from Brian have today the estranged husband of former state Senate president Stan Rosenberg given a year suspended sentence and probation. the council in fall river will tonight on removing it battled mayor John sell qureia from office. opposition politicians furious with prime minister Boris Johnson five weeks expansion all of the parliament..

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