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For a good game to, uh to the repertoire. It's a little difficult to keep all the rules. What's the name of the game? The game is called. What do you think, Rocco Something you can't say on the radio, so I could say it, Sheepshead. Cheap when you call that one. I don't know what that one is that there was a Scot Ugur. Okay. Bob Bucher. He's from Milwaukee. Yeah, Yes. Do you guys know how to play? You do not know. Oh, it's spelled E U C h r e e. Yes, I thought it was, er I didn't know it was r E But, yeah, This is a trick taking card game commonly played in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and The United States played with a deck of 24 28, or 32 standard playing cards. Normally for players to on each team, although there are variations that range from 2 to 9 players. Wow. Wow. Yeah, We just played the three of us. Nice It was fun. We're, uh we're looking for those kind of things because we're starting game nights Thursday nights. Just like just like at our house. What time should I be there, please? Um, but just like a family. I should lead with that family game night. I really think you need to get some some activities going. Outside of your comfort zone. Do you mean hanging out with you? You, kurt? Yeah, she knows. I mean, I think you need to have some neighbors over for game night. You know, we have neighbors. Who are the reason why we were reminded of this was because they were talking to our kids are one of our kids was over there talking with them. And they said, You know, we're thinking of this winter when things get colder and people start going inside having a weekly game night where the kids go to one house to play, and then the adults go to another house to play. And there are games so it was going to watch the kids. You hire a sitter. The little one would be a bit of a problem as they always are. When they're really little. Um, we have to figure that out, but yeah, So we're excited about that? Yeah. Good for you. All right? Boy. You sure you sure chum it up to the neighbors pretty quick. Yeah, We love our neighbors. You know, it was great about our neighborhood. And then I'll tell you about shocking a second. This is done as roundabout way of trying to get me to hang out. Yes, I did. Shut me up to the neighbors really quick. We all moved in at the same time. There is a call to sack and it was new developments. So we were all getting to know each other at the same time and not sure if you follow the news. There was a pandemic last year. So then we all would just meet up. Everybody stayed at home. Worked at home color. Yes. Hashtag sack life. We like to call a cult bag. And, uh and then we would have like happy hours outside, socially distanced. Yeah, that's what we were doing. Yeah, it was great that we got to know everybody fire in a fantasy Football league with them. Nice. It's good. Congratulations. Are you friends? Donna, you should get on tinder maybe fine. Someone to keep you company. Good. He could be a seven ft. Tall basketball superstar Shock joined tinder. This is real. If he's to be believed, here's the story that he told Jimmy Kimmel Of his time on tinder and a difficulty that somebody like shock would run into on a dating app. Are you dating? Are you like on tinder or anything like that? I heard you were on tinder at one point. I've signed up for tender you did. Putting my name, uh, tried to make a person meet me and they didn't believe it was me. Nobody believed is your was like it's me. It's checked, but no, you're not. You know.

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