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The giants and the diamondbacks down chase field where it's about one hundred ten degrees outside and a very pleasant 80 degrees inside and that is arizona well diamondbacks had won the first two of this series four to three on friday night and last night a very exciting two to one game if it can be an exciting game with a few hits on both sides but the three hits that scored runs last night we're all homerun says the diamondbacks took too deep jd martinez in pollick off of bumgarner but we're on a good game last night i know for many people were out last night a watching the fight and i really didn't catch up with a giant game of bumgarner have good game for him last night and gave up by the two home runs on balls that were really just right over the plate only had to get the outset as he went uh through the game seven innings got some big outs in the seventh inning after leadoff double got a big out of taiwan walker in the second inning when a couple of runners on base and that was really it for him so good game for him last night uh jared parker stood out for the giants last night he crushed a home run about four hundred at 40 feet off walker then in the six then a two out triple and the story of the game last night again that for people who are waking up in weren't with us last night giants had a lot of chances to get runs last night and this was one that you know you can't blame chase field and you can't blame anybody except taiwan walker who really did his job in the giant hitters did not do their job and it's been a story all year long uh you know the stats can sometimes tells the story of well they hit three hundred with runners in scoring position in this and that but you gotta get the hits when they matter in last night the giants had chances but the the players who.

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