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Some of those folks would have found other work by now quite a few of them had was so you know you're going to get a handful of people maybe <hes> so the the newseum telltale jamie ali. I guess how you say his name said it's imperative that we take a slow and methodical approach to growth. We want to build a sustainable company with a healthy non crunch orange walk work culture. We'll be hiring eight to ten people in the next six months. We'll be somewhere around thirty by the end of our first year. We'd love to bring back everyone who wants to come but that just isn't the economic reality of the games industry and it would be irresponsible of us to do so. That's exactly what they absolutely stretched themselves. Waiting eighteen men's health like you'd think about that tell story well. What are we talking about it then but just like the rapid expansion of telltale when they moved out of that building above snyder and and got to their own office and we're suddenly like oh we have four separate teams. We're building now and all this other stuff. I remember talking to <hes> job and ran into him on our my way two packs and it was talking about like how like yeah we're looking for people to lead all all these teams knew all this stuff and it was like man seemed like a lot all of a sudden they got all these properties like it was really easy to close those deals on the back of you know how successful walking dead was and some of the other stuff they had done but actually executing on it and making it happen and building like responsible pipeline down turn that stuff out whatever the all their technical issues we've talked to that stuff to death now on top of that running the company hand to mouth with no plan for when the work fell through as the outscored i think someone said that they think they hide them back because they had expanded the tau tool yeah which is interesting because i feel like maybe one of the first things you'd want to do is get a new tool became very quickly the thing that i well if it's a matter probably of like hey can. We need to do some work to stood. Maybe put these games out on on additional platforms like do stuff with the portable over make sure that they're getting supported on whatever updated windows ten. Maybe whatever you got a._b._c. The easier to build on your existing tech base for national and then you've got at least got some money coming intro then say okay. We've stemmed some of the bleeding here from just like starting a business this now. Let's go invest in new development and then at that point. You're like all right. Fuck these tools the gist of the story. I'm pauley on based on the former. Tell people that they talk to you sounds like a fair the amount of skepticism but that they are looking at who has gone back and what they're saying about it and feel like okay. Maybe we'll give this a benefit of doubt. They quoted <hes> buck who was a narrative designer at the original telltale she said. I admit that i'm skeptical. But given the enthusiasm of those involved. I'm choosing to be cautiously optimistic about this new company calling itself tell tale and they brought the same director of operations back on who they say was well white. I am not involved in the mismanagement of company so i mean it seems like if you're going to do this. They seem to be doing it from an okay place. Brain see right yup yup time. We'll tell for sure. No i got to tell welcome welcome back. It's going to go get the go. Get the bad side. Only we institute new processes around here while you were going great awesome. I haven't been sleeping four hours night. That's my process. I mean we're going to extract so much money from him..

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