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You rather have memo insee todd frazier bordeaux doing is one of those you know guys of of those like so you know i it's it's one of those things were basically the pirates the there's a de ville deal to be done i mean they they're aggressive the pirates when they're trading you don't trade cola makovich and uh to to only not treat the other guys you know that's the mistake i think teams make to off and i mean you know you look at the white sox we make when you know when you blow doc you might as well blow it off there's no reason to you know kind of bill halfway so the the question is just gonna be what do the mets feel that trading four second baseman is the best route or do they feel the better options to signing i i mean personally i know he's not a great defender i think of one of them yes we'll give the math they a certain speed in that letter system that they that they currently lack on the roster aside from a metre zarya is there any future for we'll we'll suarez on this team yes ah you know actually today sandy slow very highly of him i mean wilmer floors is a guy if you play him in his role that these meant to be you can be very effective guy and that's you know playing against lefthanded uh pitchers you know playing a few times a week be the kind of issue is when you play wilmer five six seven times a week at times you know he his glove is not good enough and he doesn't hit right these while enough but certainly wilmer is a guy who has a particular i mean he has an elite skillset let's be honest i mean you know they're not many guys in the game that left you'd better than over flores now does wilmer flores have a future with the match he might be a guy who ultimately is better suited for the american league just because when you look at his bill set he's not a plus defender so when you.

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