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But that's not really admitting that the league did anything wrong. You know, they're finding Roby Coleman for a helmet to helmet hit. Right. Correct. Yeah. Adam Schefter saying that the fine on Nicole Roby Coleman is an unofficial statement. Sure, unofficial state because what the hell's going to say, hey, well, he's gonna get. He's you know, they screwed that up when he goes to Atlanta. He does his annual state of the union that's open to reporters, and he takes questions the first question is going to be about what it so easy. Ask me Commissioner. Yeah. Why haven't you taken any accountability from the NFL office on screwing over the New Orleans Saints shouldn't they be the team here at the Super Bowl? Well, it is a game of involving human beings. And there is such thing as human error, the head of our -ficiating union has already come out and said and contacted. Sean Payton and said. Bad call. He hasn't said it publicly we've heard nothing from the head of the officials. So we've only heard from Sean Payton, why won't the NFL take accountability for screwing over one of their own franchise. Here's the thing. We have a competition committee in the competition committee decides the rules, and Sean Payton will be on that competition committee next year, and he'll have a chance to change the rules based on what happened in that game. But I'm saying you didn't even follow your own rules. Why didn't you follow your own rules? What was my own rule? Your on rule is that should have been two penalties. It should've been passing neighborhoods and a helmet completely blown. There you go. You think he's ever going to say they blew it. Yeah. I think he's going to have to next week. Yeah. I don't think you will. How can you not? A lot of what you said in the beginning until I- I squeezed it out at you like to. He's not gonna do anything. I only only because I press you on it. Did you think he can't do what you did in the beginning? He exactly what he learned about it. What I mean? Yeah. He can't. I'm tired of. I'm tired of talking shut up them watching just shut up. Well, it just shut up to me. It doesn't make any sense to blame the Rams for what the officials didn't do. I think we should start a Kickstarter campaign for Nicole Roby, call in to pay that twenty six thousand seven hundred dollars that would work. Kickstarter campaign to raise a voice. Exactly. Well, so far. So yes, let's do it. Yeah. All of your chain dot org positions work where you've got to be things where we've got a couple of the. Said it's percentage of his salary is why that no is that what it is. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause Neko Roby it's not really highly played paid player. The money though, more this coming up next and Lakers lost last night. And now, it's it's getting Rhonda was back, but still no LeBron and don't know if LeBron's gonna play on Sunday or not the instincts are gen we'll get John Stotts on it. Oh from from. Dominic feick? I think right Mason Ireland ESPN LA what is going on. So the NFL response Benoit's called for count ability for one hundred down the way around saints.

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