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Events from around the globe the bbc world service's here at wnyc am and fm york htc hello you on money chesterton and off to the news i'll be here with crowdscience tackling your queries about life earth and the universe this week we revisits an early a topic what is the oldest living tree or other organism on our planet and from oldest two strongest as listening james in the uk sent us to find the strongest animal alive today i'll give you a clue it's not an elephant that's crowdscience with me mony chesterton after the news these in use twentytwo arab nations have demanded the united states retract his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the arab league said that the american move would only increase violence throughout the middle east it urged the international community to recognize the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital the controversial us move will be high on the agenda today as the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meets president micron in paris on monday mr netanyahu will hold talks with eu foreign ministers britain's foreign minister boris johnson is due to meet the iranian president in tehran where he will continue to press for the release of british iranian nationals one high profile detainee nothing enza agadi ratcliffe faces the possibility of a further court appearance venezuelans are going to the polls later to choose mayors for more than three hundred towns and cities as the country's economic crisis continues major opposition parties are boycotting the vote iraqi forces are holding a victory parade to mark the end of the campaign against the islamic state group the government said on saturday it had regained full control over the last territories held by us south korea has announced new unilateral sanctions on twenty more north korean organizations and a dozen individuals in response to the north's ballistic and nuclear programmes most of them are in the banking and shipping sectors argentina has banned more than six sixty people from attending a world trade organization meeting that starts today in buenos aires including journal lists and ngo officials the government said it revoked their accreditation for security reasons the second and final round of regional elections takes place today in the french mediterranean island of corsica last week's first round saw a corsican nationalists take more than 45 percent of the vote.

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