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Favorite segments of the week dogs. Now he does. He's not love to eat hot dog and straightened areas immediately. Good hotdogs it's the segment every every week. We take a look at the hockey media The foibles of the hockey the her Piper Hockey media and the mistakes that are made. I always screw up. Brett's last name I'm GonNa say it's Brett Stir Gallup's anonymity New York Post I know Brett I like Brett But Brett wrote a piece that deserves Phil. Kessel loves hotdogs status this past week headline of the article devils PK. Sue Ban is marketing everything thing except his own game now. Here's the thing about PK. Sue Band folks. He's been horrible. This season really bad as we pointed out on the video we did for the power rankings. This week coming into the game against Dallas. PK Sudan was on on on track for a fourteen point season. Fourteen points. What the Keita's Zaitsev put up last year? Fourteen boys WH- Calvin Dahan put up last year So a horrible season piquet but Brit kind of takes to task for doing promotional work while the devils are Are horrible quote. It is amazing that he has time to practice and play games with all the time you spend posting on social media. They must let him keep his on the bench quote a Wednesday a day after John Heinz was fired following a efforts in a four. Nothing lost to the Rangers at home and a seven one thumping coming up in buffalo sue ban was at Bryant Park doing an appearance or Red Bull. The press release said he was the the twenty to twenty one. Oh three James Norris this memorial trophy winner. Entrepreneur philanthropist on Thursday night he was at the Adidas flagship store in Manhattan would a great way to get ready for a big back to back under your new coach. Now I'll admit the PK. Sue Bank. Could probably post last instagram when the team is this bad but I will say this though in his defense you know how long a red bull event in Bryant Park as planned data how long an appearance that the Adidas stores rive and planned when these things are set up with. PK's marketing firm okay. They don't know the devils are going to be horrible. They don't know they're going to be a tire. Fire Okay so it's not a situation where. PK Sue Bank limping home after the devil loose seven to one to buffalo. And he's like Oh what can I take. What could take my mind off things? Oh I know I'll call all adidas and see if I could do it in store. No these things are sort of wave before him and it's not his fault that devils are horrible and it's bad optics. The irony I see here is like this. Is such tired thing like we heard Montreal Canadian mark. It'll be finding national. We Nashville for like. Oh it'll be fine. That's just like other mark like wait till he gets the New York media. It'll be fine and we're still getting these takes that are just like I blew. Now it's time I'm for a PUCK. Headlines Dateline World Cup Gary Bettman Says No World Cup February twenty twenty one as the NHL. Shell does not have time to set this thing up so for the second time the World Cup gets bumped because of the ongoing. CVA talks the players where it is that the NHL in the NHLPA LPGA are targeting. Either Twenty Twenty sorry are targeting twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight for the next events of the World Cup of hockey which means emily quite. Interestingly they are not targeting either September twenty twenty two or February twenty twenty two may have because the Olympics are in that neighborhood. I wonder if you know that's something that's still being negotiated upon the NHL NHL PA that H. L. P. is like all right you can go announce us like just. Don't say anything about twenty twenty two. We shall see I. I'm still very skeptical about them going to Beijing because the needs needs to get their act together and I have no faith in the single most corrupt and horrible organization the on the planet for sports that they can get their act together but we shall see obviously. China is a much more attractive destination for the Olympics than the previous reviews one for the NHL. Dateline Alex Ovechkin lovie tells our own Linda Cohn what will happen if he breaks. Wayne Gretzky's record for goals quote. You Probably Never GonNa see me on the ice again. Yeah Reddaway Sia. He says of his instant retirement retirement. If he breaks Wayne Gretzky's goals record. First of all I don't believe him I think Ovechkin is probably gonNA play until he's fifty but that would be the single of for a man who came into the League as the biggest Rockstar we had ever seen especially in comparison to Sidney crosby. Nothing could be more rockstar than just dropping the Mike and walking away especially if it's mid period like that my first thought is like okay. What did you score those four minutes into the second you know? The haskell Haskell is whatever happens they stop it they get the puck and then he's like by goes to the bench goes it'd be the best Dateline New England. The Patriots are yet again embroiled in another potential cheating scandal involving filming joining the opposing side. Line many of you believe maybe they are. They're they're in the clear on this one. Others will remember the original reporting on spy gate. That said that one of the things they told her videographers was just tell the security guards. You're doing a documentary coincidence. That that's how it played out this time but the question here heavily is which. NHL team team. Would you be least surprised to see embroiled in a patriots level cheating scandal in. I've put some thought into this and I realized that there's only only one answer for me and that's the Toronto Maple leaves because have you seen. How many people they employ they have so many boys? There's too many people who work for them. What do do they all do? Yeah I liked that a lot. It's a very good answer. I would probably go with you. I'm going to go off. The board here is here. I'm going to say the Arizona coyotes like they need the One one one because John Jacob is young and and he probably has access to drone technology. Being Young. A young man to explains so much about what's happening in the season just saying that they figured out to get golden just punch above their weight a little bit. That's all right. Of course nobody nobody chiefs. They're really hypothetical. I'm so sorry to do their names. You're both wonderful exactly. We've we apologized profusely. It's we are protected by parody rules. You finally on Sarah Dateline Boston. We lost this week. Emily the man who bought us the ice bucket. Challenge peop- freight's I interviewed Pete rates. Sports also renamed him the sportsman sportswoman of inspiration of the year. I think we called it in two thousand fourteen. At that point. He could only Answer questions by tracking With eyeballs theory computer. But he lesson he really I think is the man responsible disponsable for reigniting awareness for the disease that was misunderstood underfunded and honestly it had been largely neglected by the public For years there had been no advancements in more than one hundred in forty years which is just absolutely insane so he did so much. In the day we find a cure. Everyone is going to think of exactly a real good friend of mine that was in fact by LS. Recently it's a it's a horrible disease and And and for him to have wanted to the forefront again and really get people to focus on. It was such an amazing accomplishment so recipes Pete and condolences to his family. And there you go we we end on a down. Note began on a down note. Let's be honest and by that I mean Maryland losing to Penn state very very boy anyways that is ESPN VNI's for this week. Kessel for joining us. What's the deal with? The man is game coming up this weekend. USA Kemba rivalry series begins in Hartford Connecticut Connecticut. So I hope all of our fund. ESPN colleagues who've listened to this long ago time that game at indeed America the last ones in Anaheim brothers are in Canada. Oh Oh that's kind of my neck of the woods you'll make my way out there but it's a flight. I think it's a drive. I've driven Disneyland. Let who makes thanks to the good folks at the Spanish in I believe it was called at Pebble Beach who who were very hospitable to all of the GRUNGY Stinky Hockey media that descended upon their beautiful facility. Graham talk about yourself like that and then thanks thanks to the people that said. Hey while I was there to see you as well also emily member. We went to Sea Island for the Board of Governors meetings. Forget Yeah where it is the board of governors fantasy island so I don't know forever going to go back there again about it did they. Did I think it was probably the thing. Where are we went to one of only three restaurants in the area and These guys love to Well they love to use their expense accounts so I think Monterey Monterey was more of their speed anyways that's ESPN is for this week. I'm Greg Ocean Ski. You could follow me on twitter out with Shinsegi. You can listen to my other podcasts. Where I say naughty words book soup and Michael Him the wishlist drops usually on Thursdays on? ESPN DOT COM. Oh awesome. I'm Emily Kaplan at Kaplan my columns on Mondays we got your Mondays and Thursdays. The podcast Wednesday. So you got your fix of US exactly likely. That's most of the week. Thanks everybody first thing next week. Bye Bye this is. 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