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Jefferson Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Leslie Odom junior as Aaron Burr the film the version is directed by the show's director Tommy Kael who said we're thrilled for fans of the show ended new audiences across the world to experience what it was like on stage and in the audience the groundbreaking biographical hip hop show about the life of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton is one eleven Tony awards and made numerous stores state of the union I'm Tim acquire than AP news minute in the house president of the United States president trump is giving his third state of the union address to both the house and the Senate three years ago we launched the great American come back tonight I stand before you to share the incredible results jobs are blooming comes a story poverty is plummeting tonight's speech comes as members of the Senate debate whether to vote for or against trump's conviction in his impeachment trial he's likely to be acquitted on a mainly partisan basis many women Democrats are wearing white again to align themselves with suffragettes a sentry after women won the right to vote some are also wearing green equal rights amendment pins that's ahead of what could be a house vote on that issue later this month I'm Jim acquire AP digital news back in a moment thank you for listening to.

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