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News For september twenty. Twenty one We recording today on a. It's a new era. We survived in election That's right yeah. And as a result things are just the way they were before not just the way they were before because now we are three hundred million dollars in deficit because of the stupid recall and all of that money could have been allocated into other things that we could have used like housing and protecting people from vic and providing aid for student loans. And all that crap it's such a microcosm of like the american liberal has experience which is like we fight so hard to win the status quo. Yeah it's the story of of not being republican. I like it's been pretty terrible. Recently with just maintaining the status quo as you said. I mean with happened in texas with their abortion bill and yeah it's just it's just been a hot mess and yeah. The recall is something that we we needed like. It's it's a win but it really doesn't feel like a win. Fear theory completely forgot about it too. 'cause like i soon as my ballot came in just like i just did it because like if you look at the candidates i was like none of these candidates are even remotely acceptable. Like party party aside. It's just like in in terms of like experience and like just attitude. I was like this. Is this like why would you vote for any of these people. You know you would think that and you know as a canadian. I was on the sideline. So i couldn't really do anything. Besides tell my friends to go vote but I do remember the last this happened. I was in college and we ended up with The governator and as a result to this day on my university. Diploma is arnold schwarzenegger's autograph as my governor anyways. We're not here to talk about california politics. We're here to talk about the book news of the of the last few weeks. And y'all let's get to it. Re-re what's our first publishing news right. In a six-figure preempt delacour acquired midnight strikes by zebac. Shawna's this y a fantasy debut with russian doll inspire twist follows low born anees whose attendance at royal ball is disrupted by an explosion that ripped through the palace at the stroke of midnight killing everyone again and again and again to escape this nightmarish time loop on ice must figure out. Who's targeting the royal family with the help of the charming prince leo and hope they can survive past midnight. Publication is planned for spring. Twenty twenty three. The sounds great. I love russian doll. I like a good time loop story. Although i don't know maybe maybe they should let the monarchy fall who knows and this is a good monarchy. Right that's why they're trying to save it. All monarchy's are bad. But yeah i really like time loop stories like it's always nice to see like creative ways that characters overcome problems and how a ripple effect and how lake time loops stories are very complicated but also simple in terms of just like pitching. So i'm really. I'm really curious. Estee like how the story will turn out. Yeah so congratulations to zeba our next up after a ten house auction william moral one north american rights to jeans adult debut. Mika in real life for seven figures. Wow congratulations to emiko Gene is the author of the. Why novel talk you ever after. Which was a reese. Witherspoon book club. Why a pick and also a former guest this podcast Meakin real life follows a japanese american woman who reconnects with the daughter. She placed for adoption seventeen years ago. And so lincoln's second chance and motherhood love in the career she always wanted. The novel also explores larger issues of overcoming personal trauma and the model minority myth. There's no publication date Mentioned but i'm guessing twenty twenty two Or maybe like early twenty twenty three. We'll see i'm sure they'll announce it pretty soon. Yeah it looks like this book was pretty Pretty sought after Mickle is busy with the second book of the tokyo. Crafter cds to do so. This will come after that right. Yeah but she probably finished. The sequel to tokyo ever after because publishing is weird like that. Finish your book and then it's already going through line edits by the time. The next book announced so okay so next book deal quilt tree. Book spot clementine. And danny save the world and each other by livia blackburn. Pitched as you've got mail meets. Yes no maybe so this why. A rom com follows to teens who fall in love while working together to protect their chinatown community from gentrification project only to discover that their respective anonymous internet alter egos have been clashing with each other for years. Publication is scheduled for summer twenty twenty three. You've got mail. That is a really popular. I guess trope young. I mean i guess since the internet has only got more complex and maybe maybe because like i remember when you've got mail came out and like only people are like. Aol could relate to email because it wasn't available to everybody like if he watch. You've got mail. They have those computers. Where like the screen is black. And when you're typing the font is in green like that's how old you've got mail is but you've got mail is one of my favorite movies. I think it has despite the whole technology not aging very well. The concept has aged very well and this idea of like enemies to lovers but not knowing that their enemies is always interesting. it adds a new dimension to To like the relationship so yeah. I'm pretty excited to read this. Because yeah the internet is is a dark place and i wonder how they've been interacting which platform our enemies on instagram scali. An outright like person that would suck. Well i mean it. It sounds like they have a good cause. I mean a good heart. They're trying to protect their community from judge vacation. It takes a little bit of. I dunno sincerity. I hope it's like some sort of like both hit like fandom beef like star wars. Or i don't know what's a good one twilight whether the ca- i mean twilight has come back by the way there's something called twilight core and like it's very funny because i do go on like fashion tick talk and have been seeing. Tek talkers dress in twilight core fashion. And i'm like dude. This is just like mid two thousand old navy slash retail outfits. This is pretty much. What every teenager war back then. Not because it was in style but because that.

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