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Pretending to know plumbing unknown Jeff Brittany no plumbing can't wait Texas farmers group calls for a special thank them from going unregulated ed Clements plumbing I get a truck and everything maybe fix it got old ma'am right but here's the catch got a note from about it yeah like somebody might take a shot and look you up and say what the heck are higher limits blooming right now I'm in a bad one job Google review your fitness like you'll be with me and we got a problem or get your to get a problem here let me let me do let me get out of the state here let me figure this out for you I know I can't I can't fix anything and I never want to and I never will I have I'm clueless about same here I can I know how to jiggle the switch it on and take that everything off and make sure the thing is booked on there the commode okay stopped up I a charge for that three hundred dollars dollars eight hundred dollars the guy that wrote readers don't is not only about that so the state of Texas is the debate about whether or not to be regulated and I don't know how I feel about this because it's let's be honest it's hard to get over that hump if you're the average citizen I I if you charge what you can let me say this departure you charge what you can't you charge what the market will bear but I have to admit I think everyone of us feels kind of the same when you walk out after five minutes I'm always wondering is that a good deal or not well he's he or she is such an expert that I just gotta pay I've got a pay I think the proof as they say is in the pudding if your problem be it a clogged drain be it be at a clogged toilet whatever if it's fixed it's fixed but I am amazed that they're gonna let this go through and not have any type of unregulated plumbers seven on newsradio kale BJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM the.

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