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This is Stephen Smith from love packages several years ago I was ministering in the Philippines out in the middle of a garbage dump and I gave this old man a daily devotional five months later I was in that same area again and I saw an old man and he came running towards me yelling Sir Sir do you remember maybe you remember me you gave me a book I read it every day he read it every day for five months he read it every day why because it was the only piece of Christian literature that he had our mission is to put a good Christian literature in the hands of people all over the world and you love packages collects use Christian literature and gypsies materials overseas for more information write love packages but Illinois six two zero one five or visit us on the web at love packages dot O. R. G. welcome back offering biblical hope and practical help this is hoping that the ministry of hope for the heart where we want to help you and we want to help you help us as we talk with Andrew tonight I'm listening especially close been a procrastinator.

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