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A presidential race will Bluebonnet Sir starting to pop up along Texas highways and in the hill country Andrea along with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center says this is early thanks to the second warmest winter on record I don't think it'll be as spectacular as it was last year last year was a pretty gang buster coming here but but it's looking good and she expects Bluebonnet season to be long this year thanks to the warm wet weather that is being forecast for this coming spring Americans are shelling out for their Valentine's day gift with millennials leading the charge on spending look at the typical at all and that they're expecting to spend around a hundred and fifty dollars for when it comes to millennials however if they're expecting to spend about two hundred and eight about thirty five percent plan to spend money for the holiday this year engaged couples spend the most of an average of eighty five Bucks Harley Davidson is working to recruit younger writers Jeff Ballenger Bloomberg has this and focus report after years of focusing mainly on selling new bikes to its aging and most loyal customers Harley Davidson is focusing on convincing more young people to take up the motorcycle hobby Harley ridership appears to peak at around age fifty four and there aren't enough new enthusiast to replace older riders were hanging up their leathers Harley has spent years working to retool itself for younger customers who may be more likely to buy a bike on a payment plan payment is one twenty nine a month owning a Harley Davidson is easier and more affordable than ever a CEO Matt Levitt itch told investors in a recent conference.

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