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Watch for less lame break down just inside the tunnel it's jammed from mass south west of the city mass pike used a trouble free I'm Gina genesis in the W. RKO traffic center now W. RKO weather channel forecast brown slight chance that early on a little bit of ice could mix in but it is again a very slight possibility as of right now for some rain freezing rain and sleet early then a slight chance for rain better chances for the wet weather to close out the weekend late Sunday into Sunday night now we are going to be looking at sunny cloud mix as we get up to around forty tonight look for the clouds to build in low thirties early clouds tomorrow than some clearing later high right into the upper thirties and then for our Friday Friday stymied forty into the low fifties back to mostly sunshine for our Saturday to start the weekend I'm Jeff you know for the weather channel on the voice of Boston AM six eighty W. R. K. L. now it was the world's greatest by you turn you can import C. will Smith and Tom Holland is a bad guy and I know I have to try to stop him Bobby at a bird even better the animated action comedy visions of three hundred sixty degree vision I do see my **** your face at the same time by the disco let's get weird BG guide suggested now playing in theaters wise with the files now you'll get the internet you want at a price you'll love I just want things to work if I have fast ensign and made things much much easier switch now to the one hundred percent fiber optic network and get files internet for thirty nine ninety nine per month plus a fifty dollar visa prepaid card go to get five dot com to learn more Texas could mean another piece in terms apply white speeds one hundred slash one hundred makes availability wireless and wireline speak Mayberry supervised accomplish was more info on part the card issued by metabank member FDIC offer ends eleven eleven nineteen everyone uses their phone differently and in different places early risers using here the night out use it here and the never sleepers.

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