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And who better to talk about that then? The points leader Austin Hill for Tory racing enterprises joins US Austin. Congratulations on a strong start to the season. But now it's been a couple of weeks off or you chomping at it to get topic at the mid to get back at it. Hey woody thanks for having me on but Oh Yeah I'm definitely ready to get going I know I know all the guys in the shop or chomping at the bit They've been really putting in a lot of effort on you know we built. We built some new trucks and off season That we felt like would help our program and You know we we're just. It was good to have that you know a few weeks off just so they can kinda tidy things and and really. Just look over some things and make sure everything's ready to go so when we do have this stretch of three races back to back we're already goes so But man it. It sounds good here and you say that. I'm the point leader and hopefully we can keep it. You guys won four times a year ago. Finished fifth in the final standings solid team. You put up a solid performance. What more do you want to accomplish? Obviously the championship is in your sights but specific things that you'd like to see the team or you improve on here going forward. Yes so looking back at last season. One thing that we've really felt like we didn't do a good job at one stage point We definitely feel like we need to get a lot. More stage wins. I didn't get any stage. Wins last year except for homestead or the stage? One and two point there in that race so I feel like stays points. Were really crucial. And kind of the deciding factor on US making into the final four or not we You know we had had a bad race at Martinsville gotten in Iraq and then being. We're just a little off and we didn't have really any points to fall back on. So I felt like ultimately that was kind of the SA- deciding factor Getting the wreck obviously didn't help us at Martinsville and then us being a little bit of Phoenix didn't help either but You know I felt like I felt like Brett. Didn't have that great of a Performance in the round six and I felt like he had some point to fall back on that. He accumulated throughout throughout the season. So I felt like that's Kinda something that he was able to fall back on points and we didn't have that luxury so that's something that we definitely want to look at this year. That's kind of our number. One goal is to get as many stage wins and as much as points as we can each and every day. Let's talk a little bit about this weekend. At Atlanta everybody loves that TRACK THE ROUGH ABRASIVE surface. But all the buzz seems to be about this. Kyle Busch bounty thing. You regulars feeling kind of left out here or what I mean. Yeah we're we're obviously left out a little bit and I think what it does is for for me and my race team it It kinda lights a fire under her story racing because now we're kinda getting overlooked and You know the big talk is about Kyle Busch and Chase. Elliott this this coming weekend and we WANNA be that guy that Kinda spoils the show and and you know uh leading the race and maybe then the running second and third to us You know we're we're not going to go quietly. That's for sure we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do all we can to doubt. Run THOSE BOYS I I. I love having the cup. Drivers come down and run with us because if you WANNA be in the Cup series one day those guys who are going to be running against so I I love racing against those guys But you know them throwing up a bounty and all that it it's cool and it and it you know it's cool for the fans and all but it Kinda likes to fire up under US Because it kind of makes us seem like we can't get the job done and we can't outrun These guys and I feel like everyone at HR. And I feel like myself we. We can go do it if we put our heads together and we have. We bring a really good truck the racetrack and we do everything right. And we make you know minimize all the mistakes Throughout the race and You just got to perform to be able to outrun those guys. It's interesting that you say that all the years we've done this show and we've asked a lot of xfinity guys and truck is you. WanNa raise the cub geyser. No every single one said yeah bring them on but you look social media and fans are like. Oh No. Get them out of the series. They're stealing the thunder and all that but all you racers say yeah. Bring THEM ON. We want to run against them. Yeah I mean like like I said it's if you're going to run in the Cup series one day and that obviously probably the majority of everybody in the truck series and xfinity series they wanna move up the rankings and You know it it. It just makes it makes it fun when they come down because you get to see where you're maybe missing it a little bit where they might be just having that little bit of advantage on you in something that Kyle. Busch is really good at doing diagnosing his truck. He knows exactly what he wants. He's been he's been at all these numerous times he. Has You know thousands and thousands of laps around a lot of these race tracks so You know he already has a little bit of an advantage on. You're going into the weekend. Because he has so many laps around that place. He knows what it does during practice. If you're practicing in sixty degree weather and then you may be race at night time and you know forty degrees. So he knows kind of what the tracks characteristics are. He already knows what what he's looking at in a in his truck and I kinda think that's why you see him so successful and he's always upfront in these truck races he just knows exactly how to diagnose these trucks and somebody like myself or anybody. That's a rookie or You know maybe they've only been in the truck series for one or two years. They're still learning all of these tracks. You you go to a lot of these trucks. Only one time of year so You know each each year that you go to it only one time then that next year later you're kind of looking back at notes and trying to figure out you know what you did last year to be good at that track and I think that's kind of where they've cut guys have a little bit of a leg up on you. Yeah I think absolutely right. Let's wrap up with his Austin. I think a lot of folks are familiar with at least the name of your team owner. Because it's so fun to say shaky Katori but he's kind of in the background type of guy. He's not a real forward type of guy when you see him at the track what's he like in person Man He he is such an awesome owner to work for He's so laid back he. He doesn't really He may never gets into you. Know what we're doing. He doesn't ever question if there's anything we need the shop and he knows that it's going to be a performance enhancer. We we do all. We can To get it if we can get it and You know he he just he just sits back and he just he just lets us do our thing And he worked so hard each and every day I mean. There's there's Times that I come into the shop and I'll walk into his office. Say Hey to him. And he's he's sitting up in his In his chair sleeping straight up because he he's just worn out because he doesn't so much traveling he he goes to Japan. A lot and He's traveling back and forth and he his time change kind of gets thrown off all the time so You know you'll peak in to say to him and he's just sitting there. You know taking a little nap so he works. He works tirelessly. I mean that guy. He he does so much for this race team and he's constantly looking for sponsorship and You know he he does. He does a lot he does a lot. That a lot of people don't realize and And I'm very very happy to have the chance and opportunity to know him and To race for everybody in this business travels a lot but he he goes above and beyond a lot on the last thing. You mentioned Sponsorship. Who's on the truck this weekend quickly Yeah so this weekend. We Got United Rentals on the truck. They're GONNA be on the truck You know I think about seven or eight more races this year for the truck so it's been really good having having them on board and hopefully we can get them in victory lane. Say Julio Austin Hill the point leader in the RV outdoors truck series. Congratulations on a strong start. Good luck in Atlanta. We'll see you there. Yeah thanks for having me on you go. That's Austin Hill. We'll take a quick time out when we.

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