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Against the accused gang member, a double murderer. Under gas guns, reforms. It takes us back to the end of 2017, where this man is accused of murdering two men who had lord to his home so he could rob money from them. Bobby Ryan and Jacob Dominguez were the two victims. Uh Ryan had $4000 cash that he had gotten from an insurance payout after his car was totaled. Gang member knew he had the money lord him to the house and eventually shot both. Men to death of men car jacked a van and drove up to Victor Ville really dump the bodies in the desert. So we're gonna tell you the worst of the worst. We're gonna talk with Bob Ryan and he was in Bilma Illusions. Report. His son was one of the two murdered and Gascogne taking away these enhancements, which would lead to a very long prison term. Is Scott Bob, obviously very upset. Brian, Welcome to Johnny Kensho. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Good to be on your show today. Can you? Can you explain for the first of all you know you go ahead talk. You You say what you will. I was just gonna say you know the whole basis to our whole Uh, meeting here is to talk about a lot about George Bascomb. This man is coming into Los Angeles County and putting on a one man show. And he's not representing what the victims feel on Lee what the criminals feel. We feel like we've been robbed from our any any chance of Justice we could have with this man. Eat it. Los Angeles County is about to become the most dangerous county in the in the nation. If he gets to keep on going, and we can have these horrible crimes, with absolutely almost no consequences. Were you there when the judge agreed to drop these enhancements? Were you on the on the call? Yes, We have been asked to, uh, to read a statement and that that's I think I said that to you today. A statement from myself, but also for Rachel Domingos, the grandmother of the younger boy, Jacob Omega's, which was 18 at the time of the murder. We both read our statements in court. But being perfectly honest. I don't think he even listen to a word We said. I don't think it meant nothing. Hey, was more concerned with doing with what George God's going wanted, and I really honestly I don't think he cared about our stories. One bit. He didn't even look at us when you read the verdict. What's the name of this judge? It's Rob. Be like Bob and I don't know how you pronounce it. Blaze. I just visited Victor. I l l easy, eh? And he just had no interest in what you had to say. I don't know. I'm amazed at the lack of interest and sensitivity to this on the part of Gascogne. And on the part of this judge, it is pretty shocking that they're just dismissing your position here. Yeah, It is totally shocking week when our first one of case for him to be back in December of 2017 after the arrest of this gangster would prove already in custody. The previous crimes that he'd committed, so it's quite easy to arrest him when he's already in jail. Uh, you know, we we were told right in the beginning that this was the death penalty case. Yes, we might get the death penalty and this is what we're looking for, And then we find out that Governor Newsome says we can no longer have the death penalty, but we can have special enhancements. Which means possible life without possibility of parole. So we swallowed that pill. I'm okay with that now, But that's OK, then on Lee to go into court last week and be denied that now, now it's what maybe 20 years and he's out of prison. Correct And he's already served three so he'd be out in 17 years. I would put him on the streets back on the streets again. The leader of the gang and 40 years old again. 40 years old is very young to be back on the streets after you've murdered two people. Was really murdered him. I mean, he wasn't nicer body shot both boys in the head and then emptied the rest of his weapon into my son's torso. And then created them like common trash, took him out to Victor Ville in the desert and dumped him like somebody would dump trash and the desert in the dirt covered him up with the curtains set. Up of his house, and the bodies were discovered for almost a week. Laying there in the dirt was Raymond Gonzalez, a friend of your son. No, he had been an acquaintance, apparently from having some pills. And my son had created a habit of taking the pills and I believe that's what that's what their business was to get Some more of these pills since your son would buy pills from Gonzales. Correct. Correct. This gang is known for selling drugs Fuller in it in that area. Right, And that's what you were doing. I mean, my Yeah. Okay. He had a little bit of an addiction problem. That doesn't mean that you deserve to die. Uh, To be honest with you, Bobby had unemployment in two days, two more days. If he could have lived after the shooting. He had a bad opening for a long term rehab state. He never got to do that. You know, Jacob Domingos. Big goal. He wanted to be a marine. He never got to be that. You know, The boys never got to be fathers. They never had a family They missed out on so much. Yeah, I would say I was asking because your son that seemed like a good guy. And I wondered why he would even know Right. That's what it was that dependency on the pills. And of course, he had most of it about having X amount of money enough to pay for the bills you was getting. And then, of course, Raymond Gonzalez cooked at the heart of the well, we need that. This murder was strictly 100%. How digitally for greed, greed on Lee that that gang probably had spent the next day it was gone..

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