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Luke Falk under center against the patriots Trevor Simeon season over with that nasty ankle injury and Sam Donald course still on the shelf with mono now the baseball it was glade per day in the Bronx. this. good good. it's a three run. the Yankees are broken it wide open they have an eight now the lady in the bottom of the fourth inning John sterling called on the **** Hanks with six in the frame after they scored two runs in the second eight nothing the final against the angels as Louis Severino went for any season debut gave up to its walk to struck out for Yankees with a raise losing in LA and clinched no worse than a time for the division title but they also got some bad news Ellen but chances partially tore his left Achilles during his season debut on Sunday the Mets and a good night Denver beat the rocky six one is Ahmed Rosario Brandon Nimmo and Pete Alonso all went deep in a four run sixth Marcus Stroman seven scoreless innings in a second straight terrific start feeling pretty good just feel like I've made adjustments over on the past two weeks can I change my delivery mechanics a bit in the feel like it's paying off and with the cubs losing the matter back to four games out of a wild card spots for two fifteen and forty five around the clock marker day ten ten wins sports when since I'm a forty seven and coming up on ten ten wins Israel's nail biter of an election the starlight lounge for an evening the question. yeah I've got no secrets and no regrets well the letter addressed but the point is I got nothing to hide kind of like the way progressive shows you their competitors rates you got to put it all out. excuse me miss this hard belong to you. July. situations prices.

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