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Do you like trimbe find content for the theme would is the thing come off to you saw it but gathering content uh the theme duffy comes fast track pilica directs kind of the content and like the flow of like the process so the first one was the female fan because it was by fast line i wasn't sure shine of how it was going to god even if that would be enough content to make more than one is she accept fast i was like okay will adidas and see how it goes so at that was kind of but as the easy it was just about finding many interesting fountains and angles on like stories like we did a piece on shots annan like why female fans why lady shots in the ideal fit and design and to see our funding angolan that weather's the paris i spent a week in paris during the year raise last year as secret interesting to two female fans in france alsayed because i just felt like in england if we have that we have a permadi can we can be quiet a snow be about the french league and i really didn't know anything about it i just assume that that was just psg and everyone else adams an interesting t so it's not about say alike liberty like die how fans and then there's really cool initiatives and paris i led by analysts see where they're a team but they will say case that pop up events around the city like screening the game and they got lots of really great creative zimbawbe's slow is doing something really cool satisfy as a really nice little seem that you might know of named about adam had i not like women done not night met some really amazing people and then for the third one that came out this year a snaking of outlet off the aftermath of like donald trump and things that happen i felt like love was.

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