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And I don't mean to belittle it when I say only in Mexico, but he had a terrific Korea down there. Well, you came up with the Cleveland Indians Tell me about getting to the big leagues for you. When did it all happened? Maybe a first game in the big leagues Get into the big leagues was extremely difficult. In my day. You couldn't start in double that You had to start in Class D now because Of the segregation problems and we had our class D team was in Tifton, Georgia. I couldn't go there, so they sent me to Fargo, North Dakota, where I won rookie of the year and I won 21 Ball games became the first half for American to win 20 games in the minor league system. Then I went from Claire. See the Class B, Where won 19 games almost didn't lose a game And then I went to reading Pennsylvania. Classy. We are learned a great lesson because Was 11 in one and I was getting a little bit older, a little bit more confident, and I thought I knew more about baseball than anybody else. I was upset that it didn't take me immediately to the major leagues after I got to be 11 and one slough it off a little bit. Didn't stay in shape, got in an argument with the manager and ended up to season the second half, winning only two ballgames. So it was a great lesson for me to learn at that time that you must not lose focus, despite the fact that you are disappointed in something well, I went to winter ball and straighten everything out and I got a chance to go to San Diego in the Pacific Coast League on 1 18 there and then they brought me up to the major leagues. After that, Tell me about getting up to the big leagues and what that was like. Carbon fell was there, But then they fired. Kirby fell, And then they hired Joe Garden and then Joe Gordon was traded as a manager for Jimmy Dykes, but it was difficult to get to the major leagues. You just couldn't the Cleveland Indians had a terrific ball club. They had a terrific pitching staff early win Bob Lemon Herbie School on How them On Right now Alaska. They sent many pictures back to the minor leagues, but I was lucky that I came at that particular time when their careers was winding down. So I broke that pitching staff and I won my first game. But you know, when you are rookie in the major leagues, everything is huge. Everything was exciting. The road trips was exciting, but Larry Doby was on the ball club when I got there, they say you're rooming with Larry Doby. So I went in the room. Larry came in the room. He says. Oh, you're much cat Grant. I said Yes, sir. Mr Dobie, He said wish bad you want I said Yes. So, Mr Dobie, he said we're going to have to get rid of that. Yes. So, Mr Don't say yes, sir. Mr Dover, Julius Swamp Fire. Grant never made it to the big leagues but pitched effectively in the minors from 1956 through 1969. Swamp Fire had his two best seasons with Monterey in the Mexican League in 1966 and seven winning 38 games while losing only 19 over the two seasons. Mudcat and swamp fire. I would have liked to have seen them together. Pitching in the majors. This is Marty Lourie joined Mudcat Grant tomorrow as he tells.

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