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Hopefully by now you've all heard the naijun. I have a book coming out in october. And if you haven't heard yes we have a book coming out it's called. This is your hustle. Unflinching stories of everyday prison life by me. Nigel poor and alan woods and i mentioned it's coming out to over twelve just did but i know i didn't mention this. It is coming from crown publishing. If you preorder book now you can get some cool downloadable gifts so yes i love little gift these e. Can you tell them what they are. One of them is all of chapter. Three the whole chapter and who wouldn't want start reading a little bit of it now. And you get a downloadable ear hustling pollster bookmarks and a lot more nice. And how can folks get these gifts. Preordered a book from any retailer and then followed instructions to redeem your gifts at this is ear. Hustle book dot com. And what about the people who already preordered ages ago. We love them to watch. We'll never forget about the early birds. They can get their gifts to all they gotta do is go to this is ear hustling book dot com. I feel like oprah gifts for everybody. And i know you love your oprah. Yes okay. I gotta check out that website too early on so if you wanna redeem your gifts for your preorder just go to this. Is your hustle book dot com and definitely support your mom and pop bookstores soon. Ear hustle is brought to you by progressive. Are you thinking more about how to tighten up your budget. These days drivers who save by switching to progressive. Save over seven hundred dollars on average and customers can qualify for an average of six discounts. When they sign up a little off your rate each month goes a long way. Get a quote today at progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates national annual average insurance savings by new customers surveyed in twenty twenty. Potential savings will vary discounts vary and are not available in all states and situations. Hey you're hustlers. This is julie shapiro executive producer of the show. I wanna tell you about master and dynamic. Now i'm guessing we have at least this one thing in common a love for listening. Am i right. Will you should know about master and dynamic. They make incredible headphones and earphones. That don't compromise on sound or design. Their products are craft with the finest materials like coated canvas leather and stainless steel and with a unique sonic range to produce brilliant sophisticated sound. I have a pair of master and dynamic earphones that i use every single day. They fit perfectly an offer. A rich listening experience no matter what. I'm playing whether you listen for work or for play. Or both upgrade listening experience with bluetooth wireless connections enjoy your favorite podcasts or music and a whole new way visit master dynamic dot com now through november fifteenth and use the code hustle for fifteen percent off your new pair of headphones. So you can start listening. That's master dynamic dot com code hustle for fifteen percent off your new headphones exclusions. Apply and thank you so much for listening to your hustle. I'm john johnson co-producer ear hustle podcast and campaign coordinator for the repeal california's three strikes law coalition the following episode of ear. Hustle clue strong language and mentions violence and suicide..

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