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Your phone, and you're done and everything comes right to your door. That's the easy way to do it now. And frankly, I have adopted that style I no longer enjoy that trip to the mall to go through all of the last. Senate stuff. No, that's fun for some people. I used to enjoy it. I do not enjoy it any longer things you're going to be hearing about today. President Donald Trump is apparently backing down now on his request for five billion dollars to fund the wall between Mexico and the United States if that's going to be an obstacle to getting this budget passed. He's he's willing to appears he's willing to maybe soften his stance. A little bit on that. He does not want the government shutdown whereas earlier in the week he said he would have been proud for the government shutdown. So you're gonna wanna watch for that. There is a movement afoot here to have people turn in their bump stocks. That's also coming from the White House. They're trying to ban bump stocks. The Trump administration is White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said bump stocks should be legal because they fall within the definition of machine guns, which are already banned. So you're going to be turning in your bump stocks soon. I'm sure there are folks who are not very happy about that. Sports wise. You know, the news yesterday the buckeyes game against northwestern next October has been moved from Saturday to Friday and people are all up in arms over that. No. You can't do that. I have already given my opinion on that. I don't feel bad for the buckeyes. I do feel bad for high school programs around the state who are suddenly going to have to compete with an Ohio State game on a Friday night in October. The other big Ohio State news today is they are awaiting the signatures of many young high school players in this early signing period. Which opens today, the buckeyes will have a majority of their class signed today, and we'll have I'm sure the very latest on that with Matt McCoy, and Eric research all of our sports guys were working on that today the big name out there. Zac Harrison, outta volunteer g orange high school. How big is that n-? Well, he might be the highest rated recruit ever to come from central Ohio. How big is he is on the front page of the Columbus dispatch today with all of those other stories that I mentioned Zach Harrison a young player out of all tansy, orange high school is the front page cover story on the Columbus dispatch today. That's how big is seven ten how.

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