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Have long eclipsed those in Mexico. But for the small number of Mexicans who do mark the occasion, they aren't celebrating. It's more of a remembrance day. It's not the celebration that you see here in the streets of the U.S.. That's how many Mexican sea Cinco de Mayo, Emily key, head of education at the national museum of the American Latino here in D.C., says think Memorial Day, not 4th of July. That's one of the myths to the spell. It is actually not Mexico's Independence Day. You have to go way back to 1862. It marks a turning point in Mexico's successful battle of puebla against a much larger French army. Now may 5th is a symbol of pride for many Mexican Americans. It's more of a day of connection and reclaiming your identity. Gigi Barnett news. Meantime, the 5th of May is also missing and murdered indigenous peoples awareness day. An old law from the 1970s prevents Native American tribes from having criminal jurisdiction on their lands in kidnapping and murder cases, involving non Indian suspects. John echohawk, executive director of the Native American rights fund, says this day was designed to pressure Congress to change that law. The number of missing and murdered indigenous people on our lands is greater than any other group in the country because so we don't have this protection. And so every May 5 now, we always have this awareness day and we're seeking to have Congress change the law so that our tribal governments have criminal jurisdiction. You can hear the entire conversation on episode one 51 of the

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