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What do you do? You know, do you? Do you keep James Wiseman, Do you keep Andrew Wiggins? Do you go for Ben Simmons? You go for Pascal Siaca. Myles Turner. You go for somebody in the draft? I know you're up on all of it. Weigh in here. What's the best route? What's the best formula the best combo of additions outside of clay that's going to get them back to where they were back into the into legitimate title contention. I love the position of warriors the and they have two valuable picks 14 and 77 and 14. This is a really good draft. They can draft someone who's Ready, made and ready to come in and contribute right away with that seventh and 14th picks, maybe even draft some senior some upperclassmen who can come in a little bit more mature and contribute to a veteran roster right away. The key for the Warriors is James Weisman. White Ken Weisman. Elevated to the level of DeAndre Ayton. He doesn't have to be Joelle MB or or Nicola Jokic to all NBA incentives, but he could get to the level in the second year of DeAndre Ayton, and he's very capable because that's young boy can play. You've got a lot of skills, a lot of talent. So if you can see him developed to become DeAndre Ayton, the Warriors are in business to contemporary title next year. We are talking to a man who has won and is claiming multiple NBA championships. Michael Thompson, Lakers broadcaster Clay's Pops joining us here on the Tolbert Kruger and Brooks show. Let's Keep talking about your fellow Bahamian brother. Mr DeAndre Ayton, we We like seeing big men be big men once again. I'm curious, though, does he help negate Milwaukee's advantage in the paint. We saw Milwaukee in the East finals when they got into the paint, and when they decided to do it, they made it work. Had a decided advantage. Can 18 and Crowder helped blunt that a little bit. Definitely crowd is a tough veteran. You know, he's not tall, but he's still a physical player like a P. J. Tucker is veteran been around. He's a good tough leader for Phoenix and DeAndre Man. He money. I'm sure money. Williams is going to challenge him to dominate the paint on both ends of the floor and I would be doing there, too. But I had his telephone number, I'd be taxed them said. Listen, man, go out there and dominating Show everybody how great you are on both ends of the floor because He's going to be the key. We all know what Chris Paul and Devin Booker can do. And Cam Johnson there outside shooters. But if DeAndre Ayton wants to dominate the paint the way he did against the Lakers, the sun the sun will definitely be, uh, win the next four games. What do you see? Uh, in the Lakers crystal ball. Obviously, health is a big deal. I mean, LeBron I know LeBron was ever quite healthy after his ankle sprain Davis, obviously dealing with a bunch of stuff as well. And when those two guys are diminished in the Lakers are I mean they didn't have much of a chance. Against the Suns. What are they didn't do They need another guy to go along with those two. Can they work? Can they get another guy with their salary cap restrictions? I mean, what do they need in in your estimation for next year? They just need Caldwell Pope and Kyle Kuzma. Uh, Caruso. Guys like that to continue to keep improving because Like you said good health. They still have to the best five players in the world. LeBron ain't going nowhere. He's still LeBron and Anthony Davis when healthy and one of the top five players in the world if not top four players in the world, so that's a good foundation to build on it to stay on right there. So the main thing is health, the Lakers would have been healthy. You know, I still believe Phoenix would not be where they are right now. The Lakers would have been advancing that playoffs. But after Game three, and when the Lakers were up to one ethnic Davis got hurt, and everything changed. But The main thing like you said, Tom is help the biggest a healthy, which is a bigger because we've seen with help them to have their health can decimate these teams. But if if they can stay healthy the way Phoenix basically has, the Lakers will be right back in business. They said. No, no sense, no need to do anything drastic. You know one aspect of this finals and I'm looking forward to watching his brook Lopez and Lopez. At times, you know, makes me kind of wince. And other times he looks like, Wow, this guy is a really valuable player. He in the last couple games against the Hawks, Michael, he switched that pick and roll. More than he had in those previous games against the Hawks. Now here come the sons and their pick and roll is with far more skilled guys with guys like Paul and Booker and even Cameron pain, and it's going to be a tough test for Milwaukee, and it's going to put a lot of pressure on Lopez. Who do you? How do you see Milwaukee defending that Phoenix pick and roll. Do you will they will put in holes or make adjustments as the series goes on. And what do you expect? Lopez is going to contribute. That was a great observation. They cannot have Brooklyn switching on them. Two guys on Chris Paul and Devin Booker that is death to Milwaukee. If they allow that to happen, because then if they don't, you can't. Can you imagine him out there? 30 ft, away from the basket on Devin Booker or Chris Paul. And then you have DeAndre Ayton roads in the basket unencumbered. So no, they got to figure out a way. I'm Phoenix and Monty Williams. I won that screen that high screen but Brook Lopez all night long and force but also to take him out again because there's no way Milwaukee could defend that high screen with Devin Booker and Twist Ball with Brook Lopez. Isn't that the most important thing in the NBA today, Michael is how can you defend the high pick and roll? Because that's the whole league has become a high pick and roll Basketball league. Everyone runs it to get into their offense. And if you can't figure out a way to defend the high pick and roll, and you just have no chance to win. Yeah, You're right, Tom. And I don't understand It ain't that difficult. We did it a few times in Iraq. They didn't want it as much as we did today. But Kevin Johnson, Isaiah Thomas John Stockton with the high screen with Carl Carballo. They used to run this high screen too. But Pat Riley's to have us Blitzer meeting double team it right away and forced the point guard to give it up or or or go underneath, depending on who the point guard is not..

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