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Now at kfbk dot com from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. Good afternoon. 1. 30 Data has with your top stories. North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation looking into a sheriff involved shooting that happened during a search warrant. This morning crowd gathered around the home on Perry Street in Elizabeth, North Carolina, after the shooting happened. Looking for answers this afternoon, Sheriff Tommy Wooden Pascual Tank County released the name of the person killed at the home during this morning's warrant's been a tragic day. Today. This started at approximately 8:30 A.m. during the search warrant at 4 21 Perry Street bypass would take county sheriff's deputies. Andrew Brown Jr. Was fatally wounded during this search warrant, the Elizabeth City Council said to hold an emergency meeting this evening to discuss the day's events. Meantime, standing in a dry lake bed today, Governor Newsome declared the targeted drought emergency for two California counties that casino in cinema in the northern part of the state. Newsome said other counties could be added to the drought. Emergency declaration in the future, depending on conditions and other locations will have more on this story throughout the afternoon, and investors putting money back into the markets today is all three Major indexes are closing higher now jumping 316 points to 34 1 37 s and P 500 popped 38 points to 41 73. NASDAQ up 163 points that 13 9 15. Traffic and weather together. Rocky, my ex surgeon. Accuracy matters, traffic hands. Her date evident. Madison Avenue. We get somebody in the roadway. CHP is trying to locate him Right now. North.

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