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Hey everybody super special episode of the charlie kirk show. The legendary tucker. Carlson is here to things. Please consider supporting us before the end of the year. So we can do more podcasts and have more interviews just like this one with tucker carlson and some unbelievably big names. You guys can support us by going to charlie kirk dot com slash support chip in whatever you can to help us continue to grow and reach millions of young people every single month. If you have been touched by this podcast in any way then. Please consider supporting us at charlie kirk dot com slash support. We're gonna do a special end of the year book giveaway just for this episode. If you guys subscribe to the charlie kirk show either on spotify or apple. Podcast you take out your phone. You type in charlie kirk show to your podcast provider. You hit subscribe an email it to us. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com. We're going to pick out of all the emails we get a couple of winners to win a signed copy of the magazine doctrine any further. Do a pretty legendary conversation with the legend himself. Tucker carlson buckle up here.

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