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The capture of seventeen spies said to be working for the CIA reporting that some of been sentenced to death there's no independent confirmation about claim though last month Iran said it broke up a spy ring it's unclear whether today's announcement is linked to the same case British prime minister Theresa may today will lead an emergency security session on how to respond to Iran's seizure of a British flag the tanker the and the Gulf of or moves a running in flag has been hoisted today on the stand the imperial radio messages on the seizure have been released BBC correspondent Daniela Ralph the radio messages came ahead of the Iranian revolution we god taking over the center in Paris a British warship HMS Montrose have been elected but failed to reach the shipping time it did so in Balkan of radio exchange with an Iranian patrol boat it would please obstruct the passage of the and the Senate in Swedish maintain as of the time Karen since the battle did not breach any regulations it says its priority is protecting its multinational Craig president trump continues to attack for democratic Congress women of color with racist tweets a new CBS poll finds fifty nine percent of Americans disagree with him forty percent side with the president White House adviser Steven Miller on fox news Sunday saying I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin that makes it a racial criticism Maryland democratic congressman Elijah coming when you disagree with the president's only your your bad person our allegiance is not to the president our lead uses of the constitution of the United States of America and the American people Cummings on ABC's this week one school district in Pennsylvania has given parents an ultimatum Hey your kid's lunch debt or they face foster care of a story live from CBS is Vicky Barker the letter went out to about a thousand parents in the Wyoming valley west school district suggesting those who fail to pay up could face proceedings and dependency court which could see their kids and up in foster care district officials say all previous attempts to collect more than twenty thousand dollars in unpaid lunch fees have been unsuccessful but after strong complaints from parents and a stern rebuke from local child welfare authorities they say they'll send out a new less threatening letter next week Gary player Ricans demanding the resignation of their governor the calls are growing louder but the day eight tenth day of protests is.

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