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Virtue of just paying. Ashok i'm not necessarily treat you know. We got one less thing to think about with foam so convincing. There's no elevator pitch not really mean tom. Myself and fight was in reference to the character like what we mainly got in depth about was is philosophy on sumner and marr philosophy in two kindness in our intellectual understanding of things Wanted to solve x. goal that in exclusive out with andrew. He's he's take on so mna helped me to do that and it was Yeah i was. I always came away from those conversations with andrew failing failing very much more informed much more educated than an eye opening two things i'd and previously considered sold straightaway andrew. Was that take on sumner. Because i i find him to be an incredibly complicated protagonist in a continually surprising. Won't over the course the series. Obviously he goes through of figurative rebirths. That's a lot of ways but the series is about but it must be exciting to write a character or to adapt character that goes through this metamorphosis over the course of five hours. Yeah i think what. I what i loved about it and it was done with me. Which book was hal. Kind of complex. summa's how he's not like a traditional hero in any in any normal sense in a normally these characters a quite straightforward in they have this kind of simple desire for shed and then they find that a demonstration in the nazi edifice rate of and. I feel like the summer. He is so wounded by so many things that have happened in the past a struggle to get on with life it keeps chasing him and every time you sort of get started with one thing to get over something different. And that's why i really liked. His couch was a constant struggle. He thinks he's about to understand a work. Something out anandas. Another thing that he has to be to fight and struggle against and that to me is just a really truthful. I suppose depiction of a character. It's not as we go through struggle amend find the also It says always one thing leading to another thing leading to another thing in one of the things that i loved about it was. I mean when you describe your sort of your take on this character and talk about these obstacles. And i think back through the episodes about everything that he goes through there's elements of this that are very straightforward adventure on the other hand there elements of this series that feel like a horror movie or feel like a medical procedural or detective show and some that feel like i just i. I think there's so much in this project that must be of been really quite fun to chew on for both of you jack. Did you feel like you've got to be in several different shows at once. i think. Jets microphones me meted. I can talk to that theory about how pleased by all means. I mean what is so. That's what i love about the story. Actually to be honest with you like you can go into it with certain expectations. Of what kind of how this story is going to unfold. And you think always going to be a procedural thrill out or it's going to be a homeless story or it's going to be some existential drama and is all of those things and often all in the same episode and i find that a really fascinating way to tell us because constantly throws the audience of balance. You think it's going to be one thing and then it becomes something else we send you what is like the someone within the story woman. He thinks it's one thing. Then it becomes something else yeah. They think they're going on. A whaling expedition turns out there on an insurance scam. Then it turns into a survival story and then it turns into basically a western re-vengeance story where he's going to track this guy down across an incredible landscape you know it's got such a distinctive look but i was wondering what did you think about things in terms of reference points or influences did you. Did you watch anything that actually first viewing. Nobody would know that you were. Actually you know screening certain films or certain shows because you wanted to get a certain kind of feel for it. And i try. I often try not to watch too many things. But i'm kind of leading up to shooting something. I think they can make it. Almost be more distracting. So the anti tarantino show seven hundred movies shooting glorious vast enters basically would make me too nervous. That'd be to have to compare myself too. So i mean i. I knew that we were going to be shooting in rate environment. So re that dictates a lots of how you decide to shoot. I think it will. I wanted to do was make it feel as visual and is grounded as i possibly could and i think that kind of dictates a lot of how the show ends up feeling and you know i did watch you know. I watched other bugs The chip based dramas for references. Especially on how to make the ship when you inside feel like it's moving in such a tricky technical thing to make it feel like you're moving essentially for those interior scenes you on a sound stage. Yeah right. I mean there's there's the famous anecdote about jaws where spielberg originally wanted to nail everything down a tripod and is director of photography. Was like if you do that. People are going to be throwing up with bats to come to the movement of the ship. And how you know. When you're shooting for real i then reflect sound stage with some of the interior things. Jack for those exteriors is a buck again. Now so jack for the the exterior especially did you find that. The point like to get from adp as a performer as an actor. Was that much of a cleaner line because there was very little pretending going on. Especially when you're in that setting. Yeah you should treat should treat you just kinda fail. Organically in and nothing really is wrong than You having to of.

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