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It would be a tolerable i hated the yankees grownup jordan was rooting for the yankees to win today absolutely not but the fact that they did is what am i gonna talk to throw cold water on what stanton did today tell you that severino was simply lucky today you know toronto got in everybody was out last night they got into four o'clock in the morning that's why the blue jays play the way that they did today now the yankees were dominant in every phase of the game tonight so you gotta say it and i did but what why i'm telling you this is because i'm talking about the broadcast team and again i find them insufferable and if if i was hitting the yankees as much as i did when i was growing up i always hate in the yankees when phil rizzuto who i couldn't stand when i was a kid phil rizzuto and frank messer and bill white and the guy that i like the best adults three guys as a mets fan was the white because bill white seemed to be the most objective messer was always a homer resute you know besides one on his own you know this is all cash register with you know the mentions of this bakery and this delicatessen and he saw this guy here and you know it could be argued full resume was the first one who was involved in paola on the radio what all the cannolis that he mentioned and this and that you know the bread is the best over i bet your resume oh back in that case was making deals but my point is this as much as i hated the yankees back then as much as i hated that yankees broadcast the team back then they were i found them twenty times or one hundred million times more palatable than the current yankees on szabo on both radio and television again i find them insufferable but it sterling who had the most nonsensical absurd and stupid call on stanton's home runs today why his name is john carlos stanton carlo is mostly a name that has the two italians and but you get some latinos that also have the name giancarlo so john you gotta go back to the drawing board and try to come up with something different something novel something original something unique because what you said today in.

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