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For a ten year national mobilization toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming. We will talk with you. We will talk with Senator Lamar Alexander who has an alternative he wants to propose on Capitol Hill. We'll talk with him tomorrow at seven thirty two because he admitted on Twitter earlier this week that he believes global warming is real we will talk with him tomorrow about that. And then in the house yesterday the house of. Upholds Trump's national emergency. There was an attempted override his veto, but the house failed to forty eight to one eighty one and we will speak with congressman David Kostov from the eighth district right here in Tennessee coming up next. And we'll look we'll talk to him about that in the variety of issues. Memphis morning news, six forty two. Here's Heather York. Good morning right now, we have a new wreck on mill branch near Shelby drive. That's just reported. That's mill branch near Shelby dried also we still have the roadway shutdown due to an earlier wreck that's willow road between Seattle and Perkins. A car struggle. We do livewires down in the roadway. They also have a power outage in that area. So any lights not working treat does as four way stops which I think this report is sponsored by Ashley homestore Ashley homestore's anniversary sale is in its final week. It's your last chance to save up to thirty percent or get no interest for six years. Come in today. And let's celebrate together with style Ashley homestore. This is home. See store for details. For today, we've got sunshine a high temperature in the mid sixties. And then for tonight that low drops into the upper forties tomorrow and Friday high in the low seventies chance of rain and mid sixties for Saturday low to mid fifties and dry for Sunday. It's thirty eight right now at six forty three great things going on over at Brown refrigeration getting you ready for the spring first off if you've got a current system that just needs a tune up sixty nine ninety nine is the spring tune-up special. That's not bad. If you need a new system from Brown refrigeration, of course, there an official trained dealer. They've got a great promotion going on right now, you can get forty eight months interest free financing up to a one thousand dollar rebate, just call Brown. Refrigeration and ask them about that nine zero one three six to eighteen eighty one nine zero one three six to eight hundred eighty one and some other good news coming out.

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