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And so they decide that they wanna keep candy candy needs tame, our candy is able to get tame mar because of personal reasons outside the house, they have a relationship, and it doesn't feel like she can portray that relationship. So candy is going to stay here against against what no liquor wants. This is also tame taymor is going to start start calling Tom and Cato misogynist pompous. Assholes? Nuts. It's not. Okay. Things are not okay. And so she is voting for candy who's working with them? But she is definitely still anti Tom and Kato and very pro. Ricky and the women so that's that's going on that's going on. So Joey is gonna leave K marts gonna win the next h big celebration. She's so excited I'm going to get those women haters out of this house, a put them both on the block. They're going to be gone. Rickie is going to try to do a little fist bump with Tom gesture of goodwill that nearly works. But instead kind of turns into a conversation, we'd Ricky K mar and Tom where taymor is eventually going to demand an apology for Tom's threatening and bullying an inexcusable behavior, and Tom is going to be like. I feel like I didn't do that though. Like, maybe you interpreted that way. And I'm sorry if he did, but. Sorry, not gonna work not gonna work. No peace can be made. Candy is going to feel a little bit betrayed by Ricky. Because like I said they had a decent relationship forming and Ricky decided to go with Joey over candy that turns out to be a mistake because candy stayed and now she knows that Ricky was against her. Ricky does try to do some damage control here. But again, the damage is done and candy knows that Ricky turned on her. It is their prior relationship is still enough for candy to know that Natalie is her main nemesis over Ricky, which is going to be extremely important for her for Ricky in the following weeks. So that's good to hang onto. And if were if Ricky ends up winning this game, I think that we can say that Ricky one instead of Natalie because of the work he did with candy. And so that's important to note. So. Rickie is going to agree with the women that Cato is the biggest threat between him, and Tom Cato has been winning some some more conversations more conversations conversation, some more competitions. That's what happens when I start to read the chat for a second as I speak. Rick Kate has been winning more competitions than Tom. So Kato is the bigger threat tween, the two of them, and Tom and Kato are going to start wondering. Hey, one of us is probably leaving. But if we stay and we win h maybe we should make a deal with Ricky. They still feel they still respect Ricky on some level. They feel like Ricky's kind of in charge of what's going on. And so they feel like if they can make a deal with Ricky. He might be the most amenable to it. And and that might be the way forward if they win in h so KEDO is in fact, evicted and. Now, it's just down to Tom Lolo has a conversation with Tom prior to the next stage converse competition stop saying conversation so competition. My big thing. She's a conversation with Tom before the competition about Tom sort of explaining his feelings..

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