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And because the government has expressed their desire to limit this practice. I think people may be starting to catch on a bit. And there's optimism in that well, Richard Jero wildlife, conservationists and consultant recently retired from the US fish and Wildlife Service after twenty year career as chief of the division of international conservation. Seventeen of those years on the ground studying African elephants. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks for having me. We'll be right back. This is on point. Hey, it's been an Ameri, and we're the hosts of endless thread, the show, featuring stories found on the website, read it but you don't have to be a Reddit or to enjoy the kinds of stories. We tell like a couple experimenting with non monogamy or boredom that may have predicted the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Subscribe to endless threat on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. I'm Gregory Warner and this week on rough translation. We follow a rescue mission in real time after an Iraqi photojournalist goes missing on the front lines. We don't believe I don't believe it leaves his family and his friends to try to save him. When he said, who is this? Who are you? They respond. We are the Slavic state this week on rough translation. This is on point. I'm magnetized CRA bardy last year. Federal authorities arrested Scott Warren for allegedly providing food water and shelter to undocumented migrants near Arizona's Sonoran desert..

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