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Six ten WTVN. Alison Wyant is the night that saw few app sets and a few surprises. But no one was surprised when Republican Mike dewine was named the projected winner of the governor race in Ohio over Richard cordray. He's set to take the stage at his watch party in just moments. Dave joost. Meanwhile, he's been elected tonight to attorney general Sherrod Brown. Also ran away with his Senate race tonight quickly defeating Jim Rene, see a city that relied on some federal funding to maintain its public property has now passed a Levy that will replace that lost funding, many central Ohio communities continue to grow and face. The demands of having the residents needs met today approved a tax Levy to maintain that level of commitment. Making sure that we have the money to keep up the infrastructure here in Bexley. Particularly the streets sidewalks, the curbs the allies to make sure that the city that we thanks moving. Forward continues to have the basics in place. Jim Wilson chair of Bexley citizens for smooth streets. The city is exhausted. Most of its money from the state for funding for the continued maintenance of a streets, which typically run on a fifteen year cycle with the passage of the loving this funding will help them to maintain an afford that process. The issue pass with nearly seventy percent of the vote from the newsroom, Ron Smith. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Meanwhile, state issue one that covers how drug offenses are prosecuted that was handily defeated by voters tonight, Indiana, Republican Mike Braun will he be democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana. I'm not gonna let you down. I'm gonna go there to represent hoosiers. And hopefully, make you proud of me as your next Senator from Indiana. Thank you so much. Well, Republicans will hold onto control of the Senate Democrats have won control of the house of representatives. ABC news senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce tells us that means Democrats who will chair all the major congressional committees. And then likely investigate everything that the White House has done. There is a real political danger though for for Democrats in doing this. They are going to have to show that they can legislate and not just investigate and Democrats. I've talked with are well aware of that they are likely to pass some legislation early on especially something maybe dealing with corruption in government. They know that they need to send a message that there's a new sheriff in town, your ABC six first warning weather, powered by the basement doctor tonight, we'll see clear skies and a low around forty one sunshine tomorrow with a high of fifty two partly cloudy then on Thursday. With highs near fifty. I'm Alison Wyant. Our next report at midnight for breaking news, and weather alerts instantly, follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news..

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