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And I would be very cautious. On, his uses rate now right now as US rate is through the roof. So if you are a guy who cares about. Having people at their highest peak of value, and then letting them go and then moving on and doing that sort of thing. Then of course. It might be time to look elsewhere and move them off somewhere but. If. You just need a service full-back that might be able to give you ten eleven points a game. You know if that's your running back to or whatever. Then that might be you might just need to hold on them and just sit because running backs his are available. They're just not running backs are so scarce. Through. DISS. Waivers were running backs are. The top running back waiver wise for us right now in my league. Keyshawn von. Right we have some Alexander. Madison who I ended up drafting right? I drafted him and I dropped him because I didn't know the situation with Alvin contract with that was going to look like and then down cook of course got paid. So that was all well and good but. You've seen a lot of like. Jordan Wilkins out there. You you get in Trenton Cannon. Is Not looking well, it's not a good is not good I mean tried and true. Bernard is down there but I just don't think Giovanni. Bernard is GonNa give you anything worth anything unfortunately if especially if he's not catching the ball which he didn't get one reception. In their win. And they're going up against Baltimore. So maybe maybe he gets more passing work. So if you really need a running back, he might be one just because if you think Cincinnati is going to hang in there with. Baltimore. And being able to run the ball I just don't think that's going to happen but. Know you can only do so much in these waiver wire before things just start to look very scarce. So you may have to spend a spend some trading and getting some guys out there. Because right now the waiver is are drying up the waiver well, if you will. Is drying up. It is not. Looking quality. It is not looking quality. So I'm not I'm not particularly happy about it. Personally, it gives me it scares the Bejesus out of me that running back scarce is high, maybe things will change. Once guys players started coming back and people will be able to. you know be a little bit more lenient in their trade talks right now you might have to give a pretty piece for Josh. Kelley. That's insane. Insane. People with awesome Equa who didn't have Josh Kelley are in a lot of emotional. I. Would Be I just saw somebody trade. Josh Kelley. For Melvin Gordon. I'm sorry. That's why I saw somebody trade offs neck nectar for Melvin Gordon just because he's already one in three and he can't afford more losses. If. He won like if he was my position where three and one you just gotTa, sit on it. You just gotTa. Sit on in a ride through and just know that whoever's replacing him is only gonNA give you about at at bear. Maximum. Eleven points. That's what you're hoping for reality again, like six. You'RE GONNA have to ride that six points per game until awesome can return. That's just what it is unfortunately. I wouldn't. But. For the real when you're down bad. You'RE GONNA, make some down bad decisions is just like. When you know somebody's down back when you know a guy down bed is when he starts selling stuff that has no value just to just to make a little bit of change, people are starting to go to game stop. And so their game systems, right? That's when things are getting tough because you know game stop is taking your thing hand over fist for like fifty bucks paid three hundred or four, hundred dollars for. Two years ago you're done. They're saying you can take the seventy five and go on with your day or you can keep your system which one. And these just be surprised is how many people? Look at that guy who's he selling it to in? Is Look at the playstation. Closes is and just handed over. down. Bad. People are down bad running back situation I. Am I feel down that? All take to just one. I'm at a Myron back course thin of three running backs on roster right now. Of them play on the same team. I still have makers who are drafted and I have durell Henderson Junior. Or Darrell, Henderson Junior. either. One of those is just kicks the bucket. I am in. Panic mode I am and have to start shopping people on my team that I don't want just survive him gasping for air. So I am in I've been searched to fill the running back void right now, and it's not good trying to get people to come running back right now is just not possible. It's actually almost impossible. People don't want to trade running backs. Everybody's asking for one in the League you're not getting it. It's tough. Honestly I don't know what to do about it. I'm just going to have to wait a week by week by my time. And do my deeds in the darkness so to speak you know I try not to try to get my trades done in privacy because it's going to show up in the group chat. There's GONNA show up in the text read someone's GonNa put damage in there and know somebody's not going to like trade and they're going to start talking trash. That's the number. One thing have confidence in what near decision making was in trade. Because if you can't justify the trade. Then No. One can justify the trait and thus you got fleeced. And If you regurgitate what someone else told you in a trade. And why it was good for you to make the trade you got fleas too don't get fleeced. Make strong decisions. Make right minded decisions. That you have your heart and your paper on right these you're trying to win some paper here. So money. So move off some bragging rights. You gotta put it all in. You gotta be able to be all in at all times and you don't want to be caught slipping. because. They will start sliding on you and you don't want people to slide are on you via trades because they'll start smelling the chum in the water right now if you're one in four, I'm sorry if you're one in three if you're in for the Chum, you're the Chum right now and people are swimming around the sharks are on their way. So, you got to start making some moves to get some dubs because if you're not winning. You are in big time trouble for people to just start berating you bad trades berating you were bad trades. That's what people are planning to do to you. There might already starting right now it might be small little blips here and the radar saying like. Hey I see your own four about me Joan Saux ICEES on your. please. But. Let's take another break and we'll come back talking more fantasy. We're GONNA talk. About. Some titans coming up. Check out the show that's built on the a from UFC too extreme cage fighting. 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