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How long did you have to like process that? Well. That was hard. But you get through it. I mean. We see it coming where we saw it coming to long. That's what made it such a big shock. Yeah. You kind of think. Well, he's got knowing ledge. Yeah. He he had no fear. I think in today's world he would have been diagnosed with cystic. And because you come because he come through it so many times L eight. Yeah. So many things we should have died. He didn't. When it happened. It was going to more of a shock. Yeah. With because you got to believing he was sort of immortal. Yeah. Anybody we you know, we put on that? You know, we can either stop boom. Treasure what we really have between us, which is the music. Which is what we did. Yeah. Was the Roger of this music. I was a singer of Johm was vice player of it case was obviously irreplaceable varick never ever in my life. Anyone comes anywhere close to being another Keith moon here. But you can replace a drama that became incredibly difficult, and we rushed into getting a very good friend of can Jones who's extremely trauma who drummed with own drumming on the Tommy soundtrack. Yeah. So we thought he'd be good. But it didn't work out. He he sense of timing wasn't quite like Alice. The only way I can explain it. Kennedy's scientic Solent. Excellent drama. Yeah. Justice putting kief moon in the faces would have been a disaster. In Kenny in the who ended didn't start out of disaster ended his like how because he's just to straight drama, but you did three albums with them or four right? No, no. We to and well, yeah. You couldn't fill like didn't didn't. Didn't see bright. You know? Did it end acrimony Asli? No. But not the fans the kind of, you know, they take sides, and I don't quite understand what you're talking about. So it felt like it was criminally there. But it was never any between Kate Kennedy. And I have never ever said he was a bad drummer. Great rumour. Yeah. He was just the wrong drama who would have been the right drummer. We don't know who would have been the right drama. We should have left the door open. We you know, you taking put Mitch Mitchell in there at the time we could have done removed the right dome. Yeah. Oh well. I will. Maybe he you correct. He would have been far mode. Right. Yeah. So when did that thing in Cincinnati happened that horrible thing that was nineteen seventy nine. So that was what he can't December the. Yeah, we're fucking day. Jesus today. I remember that would annoy it was like. Like, a global nightmare. It was it was all that anyone talked about for like weeks horrible. Yeah. We. The horrible thing for us was that we we didn't know it happened. And we played the show. We played a great show that on the reason I let us play the show. Thank god. I did because money. I mean. The paper since Cincinnati don't realize. Of gratitude they should have to manager. Bukoba -sually because the fire department and the police the accident happened on the why in oh, yeah, it was a stampede going into them going on the up to Dole's bills. General admission general Mishra and coast zoom, everyone try to funnel into this space people fell over and trampled and eleven people died. The police and the fire department wanted to stop, Sean. Yeah. But it's on the crab was in. Bill Kosheh manager pleaded with them Numa such you crazy. You know, if you do that people coming out. You'll have. Yes. An accident. Another shit driving. Right. Just just shut this door. Why off screening off and there with issue? Let Shogo on. So glad that he did. But for us. We did we did a great show that night and to come off Steig off to a great shot and be told news. You know, we live in Cates. Joy on the way to it was being hit with his Asia. Can't be in the heartlessly..

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