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Who you need to hire. To take your business to the next level in two thousand nineteen and right now twit listeners can try ZipRecruiter free at our exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash twit. Sip recruiter dot com slash twit. Ziprecruiter dot com slash twit. The smartest way to hire. I didn't expect to talk about the twenty eighty and all of this. And but I'm glad we did. This is really interesting stuff. Good review on PC per benchmarks. And all talking about what the these new cards to end their only. Oh, I don't know a couple of thousand bucks how much how much would it cost me to get twenty eighty twenty eighty six ninety nine on some of the cards out there like on new Egger a little bit more. But I was actually seeing to last night they were selling for that six hundred nine retail as Damase are if by direct from in video, so in I think Invidia made cards I thought they were like like armed fabulous. But they are now making cards. Yeah. I don't I don't know if they're making them that you sell them. They have their own founders addition is what they call it. And so the card behind me as a founders edition that's their new cooler design and actually interestingly AMD is starting to sell their own cards. This new radio on Vegas seven that they have coming out is going to be sold on AMD dot com with their own reference design, so. Is there any reason to buy it from them instead of I don't know, you know? You know, somebody else anyone else? Yeah. I think I think the reason would be just thinking gigabyte, I guess ice..

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