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Rush the marine corps front or the army's frontlines last effort to you know either a break the lines or just plainly sacrificed themselves so at the end of side pan the end of the battle. The japanese had their backs pretty much to the ocean and there was no the. Us navy had destroyed part of the japanese fleet so they weren't going to go get rescued. They weren't getting resupplied. That was it. So some two thousand japanese soldiers decided one night with swords spears bayonets in little ammunition decide to rush the marine corps and army lines on saipan or two thousand japanese and not only did it break the frontlines. They made it all the way back to the field artillery in the re here. We're to the point where the field artillery had their guns pointed point blank range and we're just shooting at the at the waves of japanese and the japanese had even commandeered in american howitzer in the other marine corps. Howitzer had to have a duel with Another another howitzer now. That is extraordinarily intense. And it's the same story for so many of these other veterans in the book. I also want to talk about the fact that you traveled with several of these. You just mentioned The one in normandy. There's rodney perkins who you went back to Europe with and he seemed to have very mixed emotions about What he saw so many decades later and then you also have very emotional Recounting of your trip. Back to italy with two veterans one as albuque- rally who took and found the grave of his fallen corporal in italy and he was very moved by that and then also Rocco police who brought pictures with them and the people in the village identified themselves in the pictures and there was a great celebration. You say in the book that it was. You really can't even find the words to explain the emotion in each of these situations. How would you describe it now that you've had a little more time to to process it. I'm just grateful. I am thankful god. Let me experience that. There's not many people on this planet who can say they brought a world war two veteran back to the vicinity where he lost his leg seventy five years later and also to locate his squad leader grave in this and bring this man. Back to squad. Leader's great in closing that chapter at final forever chapter in that means life The words i can. I'm i'm blessed to have done that. And i'm glad god put me in al's life to complete that because it taught me so much in the also just hooked me it. Hooked me to want to keep bring veterans and the only thing that has halted that is just covert nineteen. Woody williams is perhaps the most well known person in the book..

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