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Of the Chicago Tribune. A lot of time before the news but burning question, Ben who has been producing all afternoon and says to me, hey, we're getting a lot of calls about this were a lot of people want to know. I didn't even know this was a possibility, but I guess calm. You mentioned your lovely girlfriend yesterday in her questionable Christmas gift. You guys have been together for I don't know how long but the question that everybody wants to know is did KARN. Pop. The question now is this is this something you would like to share now that you're on the hook. Did you? In fact, pop the question, the answer is no I have not I do appreciate the interest. I think people have heard all your dating tales of woe for all these many years. So it's it's only, you know, if you're going to live that part of your life here. I want to hear the happy stuff too. I would call him dating tales of amazement. But okay, what was probably more accurate. Work. We're progressing nicely. Brian. We've been we've been together for it'll be two years in March for you. I think that's a nice timeframe. There's no Russian. Yeah. Don't let people pressure, right? If the time is right. The time is right between you two. And you got a little piece of advice from guys been married for a while. You wanna make sure she's going to say, yes. Because I don't know if I know you come you bounce back from a no, frankly, no would be tough there. There's no doubt about it. Mccaw Mark Carmen can can write out. Well, hopefully won't come to that. I'm sure it won't. That's what I'm saying. You just gotta be sure. Right. Right. Right. Well, you know, and I I'm trying to figure out how these people do these things like they get the the roses at the dinner, and the this and the that don't do it in public. That's my that would be my suggestion. Empire in private really because people like they love to walk by the bean and take pictures and all that stuff in the end. It's between you and her. Yes. I mean, I do I gotta get a canoe kayak down. There. Would you do? Why would if you tip over the ring falls out, what are you going to wear to white Steed and right up. Like, all of a sudden, you're sir galahad, you're, you know, maybe you're on the tennis court you lobby tour. You just hit the box over the nets. If she catches it. Yeah. That that see tennis. That'd be beautiful tennis thing right now, you just opened up a possibility there talk to one of my friends recently. I did it in the kitchen. I don't know about doing the whole kitchen Harry did it in the kitchen the kitchen, they were making a chicken make it a chicken. And here's the ring ex not a euphemism either. They were actually cooking cooking waterfowl. Tickets not waterfall. So they work. Yeah. Does anything? I did it. I did it in the in my living room the old living remove well, sure. She drove up I had a sign on my balcony, and she came in and I had the roses and the ring and the whole deal and just it was very nice where their cookies there. I don't remember being cookies, I know that we did it. And then I had to go do a show. So. Like come on you coming to the club with me. But yeah, it was. It's it's you know, you can do it any way you want. And here's the thing. However, you do it is going to be perfect. Okay. Because she's gonna she's gonna love it. You're going to remember it so decided, yeah. You can't go right? You're asking the big question, you know, as long as the rock is there and not Dwayne Johnson. But as long as the jewelry is there, and it's looking good, you're fine. Yeah. But I got to think about a radio bit too. I got to think about it. You know, you know, you Jones. Some things private. Frankly, the Radio Big could go away tomorrow for all of us. That's true. To kim. Just stared me down. No, you don't keep it private. I think that's more of a you can always tell the story that helped plan several of these just do something. Nice. Don't cook. Do something. Nice something nice. That doesn't mean do something over the top. Silly. That doesn't mean you skydive in the two of you. That's all that matters. Right. Don't put it in food where she's gonna choke on it. Don't put it on the scoreboard at have your many sporting events. And would be I mean northwestern is playing Columbia coming up here. That's a big game right on the kiss Cam. Make it into a hot take your proposal into a heartache. The best thing that's ever happened to you. That's a great what seventy two hundred would would you marry me? If you it if you would how would you want to be proposed? These are these are options. Sure, go with it. Now, we do a whole lot of stuff. All right. We we have to go with now we have to go with this break. And then we have to go with news. But we'll we'll put this on the hopper. We'll revisit at some point. Celebrate.

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