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You are listening to the big data. Everybody this is corey men with the big data beard and I am pleased to have the gentleman who was the mastermind the MC behind today's days Keno session senator from a spunky chief product officer Cinder. Welcome to the PODCAST. Thank you very much for having me and welcome to the IOT. RV Hey this is the thirty awesome. This is the machine that went two weeks across the country ending here at cough a few days ago. I will tell you I'm going to convince my wife to get an RV somehow someway. They're a pretty fun now. I will say there The only problem is is that you just are constantly in the same place like you go to any place and it looks the same inside. That's fair. Well you've got like a microwave. You got afraid this is wonderful. Yeah we're we're we're really lucky this. This is like the upper end of I think what are you could have a much lower and experience. It would be quite not as much fun. Well I'm pretty cheap. It might be my my team will tell you. Yeah well we had the chance to catch up with Doug. We heard a lot of the exciting things that he was really excited. Added about. Your role is an interesting because yet to lead the this amazing product from a product perspective. Yes so tell me a little bit about what what you were excited about today. And what was announced that Spunk off yeah you know. There's a lot so we only have you know whatever time here. How much how much okay? Well we'll go through all of it I so I've been in spunk. Seven years and everything we did was pumped more features into the enterprise product and solving customer problems. Certainly but it was always pumped more features and enterprise enterprise and we've done more of that this year certainly to address some near-term customer pains that have been raised run scale ability around monitoring etc As well as some features like workload management is is going to be huge thing for a Honda large customers But I would say the most exciting thing was I think for the first time in sparks. History we've gone above and beyond the stack that is spunk. Enterprise and DSP NDA faster the first major elements of that against a completely different tech stack. And so yes. We're going to work towards operationalized regionalized data making it easy for customers That's a pretty big departure for us. Absolutely kill the threat a little bit because when I think about the two things I took away where district process data fabric Eric Search are massively important and as you said they they go down a different technical round and a different I stack route so for the folks that don't know what. DSP and data stream processor search. Let's start with data stream process from your perspective. What problem you're trying to solve in how is bringing? DSP to market sure. So a data stream processor is is a sort of streaming engine at the end of the day And it's as horizontal as as flunk is so while we are using caffeine underneath the covers to do some basic espn work the actual reality is each of those little boxes that you see our little flint jobs at happen..

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