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Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett. Republicans hope to confirm her before the election. Democrats say it should wait until after topics that are going to be discussed over the next few days. Abortion, gun rights, immigration also healthcare No Democrats expected too heavily focus on health care during Barrett's hearing her views on the affordable Care act well known and documented, she's no fan of that act. Democrats worry that Republicans want to get rid of the in the middle of this pandemic. Fox's David spun TW America is listening to function news. From the Fox News Podcasts Network, the campaign with red hair her off the daily briefing, co host of the five Dana Perino, Remember, you heard narratives all along that President Trump didn't really want to win. Or maybe he was gonna drop out. I never believed like he absolutely wants to win. He wants to win reelection so much that he announced his reelection effort on his first inauguration day. I think Joe Biden wants to win ish just won like is the fire in the belly. Is the hunger really? They're subscribing. Listen now, like goingto fox news podcasts dot com. We're a nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders who changed the course of human civilization. When we take part in democracy, we control our destiny. We exercise our rights and hold our leaders accountable and we always speak our mind. We may be separated by issues, but we're united by a common truth. America's ultimate power. Lies in her people. Democracy 2020, It's enduring. Fox News America is watching. A federal appeals court has issued a temporary stay that allows Governor Greg Abbot's order that each county have only one absentee ballot drop.

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