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What do Tinder Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo having common. They're all iconic businesses founded by regular people so how they do it. Where did they GEICO wrong? Where did they go right? And how can you start your own iconic business. Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner who wants to hit the road and the other wants to stay home like Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana Barrett host of the new IHEART podcast bizarre graffiti. I'm a former tech EXEC. Turn Serial Real Entrepreneur turned T._v.. And radio host and over the course of my career I've interacted with interviewed and reported on thousands of businesses. I've seen bright beginnings that fizzled <unk> out and rocky starts that turned into shining stars so join me and my producer new Guy Nick as we dive into the decisions that led to greatness and the regular people who were able to spin straw into gold bizarre affi we'll have new episodes each week. Listen end subscribe on Apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts tray tables up you returning to everywhere land. Maybe it's time for a little holly chat about the south since since she is from the South Ish is she says I wasn't born in the south. I was a military kid good so I was born. In Arizona I lived in Seattle and we moved to Florida. When I was nine and then I'm moved to Atlanta for college and I never left so I am in practical sense absolutely a southerner although it's kind of funny because I sometimes find myself feeling a little between two worlds when I talked to relatives from Lake Michigan for example they think I have the thickest southern accent they've ever heard whereas when I'm in the south people are like are you a Yankee but the real question mission is the New York? Where do they think you're from? Sometimes a lot of people in New York think I'm from New York which cracks me up which I love my point of pride. Is that like if I'm working up Eighth Avenue Vigny which anybody who knows New York is like tourism central that the people who are trying to hustling sell you tickets to the any of the things like whether it's a Broadway show or to get to <hes> top of the Empire State building they ignore me completely and I'm like okay cool man. I'm blended in with New York so yeah New Yorker Stone. I don't think I've ever had an an interaction with a New Yorker. Were they. Ask you from from the south. That's interesting when I say I'm from New York people immediately say Ovid way you rarely from right and I go why why and they go well. You don't sound like you're from new. I have to say well. New York doesn't have a sound. It has exactly interestingly enough. <HES> L. is with us in studio my dog she's from Puerto Rico and very often people would ask me away so dog from and I'd say oh she's Puerto Rican and they'd be like like Oh. She's from a foreign country and I have to be like well no Puerto Rico American and they'd be like no. It's not right. There's some confusion there's still persists point. <hes> that's like a weird way way like race and diversity and ethnicity comes through like even through my dog wrong right. It's suddenly this like that's the other like she's from the other right. Everybody's just trying to process the world define things in in the simplest was boxes they can but unfortunately that leads to a sense of otherness but like I feel like because I moved to the south when I was nine which would have been nineteen eighteen eighty because I'm a very grown up person. I wasn't born yet hauling baby. I have all the life experience for you. So as I mentioned my family only move to the panhandle of Florida because my father is in the military and their bases there and I think we had been living there about two months when three lots down I'm from our house and we were in a pretty remote area of what is now a very booming beach town but there was a k.. K. K. Rally Lake completely fleet with Burning Cross and I just remember looking my parents to me like where have you moved me too and we even kind of walk down the street tentatively just because like our next door neighbors said Oh just F._y._i.. This is going on. Maybe don't go out. If you don't want to see any of that. We were like wait no that can't she can't be don't wear white pajamas. Mistreat tonight was just so bizarre but for the longest time I mean I grew up in a a community that was almost entirely white. We had one black kid in my school rule and he was a unicorn to most people you know they were like what are you like and he was like a person <hes> I always wondered if he to like had been a military military kid that just kind of link and suddenly like what is this experience and of course I was young enough to not realize those are exactly the people you should seek out and find out what their experiences because one they may need an ally in two. That's a unique situation. That is definitely a learning thing which you you're not thinking about that when your kid kid because you're dumb kid. At least I was not all kids are some are very bright and insightful so yeah it's been very interesting to see that and then living you know continuing to live in in the south as I do how we haven't haven't progressed in the intervening thirty plus years will the south to me is such a buffet perfect and easy way for anyone to learn these lessons because like I've traveled to South Africa with a black friend and have gone to a beach where the entire beach is left every single person on the left and someone said to me that is the first black person to ever come on this beach and this was two thousand and three wow that's not so long ago and this was like a segregated beach and that happened almost ten years off the pont kind ended yeah. I'm curious because I feel like you have this unique parallel but not quite the same experience being from South Africa where there is sometimes times that desire I think in the study of American history for people to go like okay the civil war happened and then abolition happen and then reconstruction and racism schism was solved and it's like no no no no and I wonder if it's similar with apartheid like maybe the the legal rules on the books have been done away with but that doesn't mean the cultural norms magically schefter sobriety rule it takes a while and it takes to me. I see it's generational like maybe maybe you grow up in a household that is racist and you don't like it so then you create a household that is not that but surely you're probably we still propagating some things and then your kids see that and they do one better and you know what I mean so I think it generation only improves not in all cases. Obviously there outliers to that that model so I do think that when I talked to teenagers today or kids in their early twenties I'm always wowed by how wise they are about embracing embracing The idea of traveling like I've spent time in Croatia where the friends that I made they had never seen a person of color because Croatia wasn't at the time so this is like maybe ten years ago it wasn't as open to tourism right and they would say things like I've never seen a person of color so I'm staring not because I'm being racist. It's because I don't know it right. I mean there and then the inverse like you go to India A. and some rural parts of India. Those people have never seen white people right and they stare at me and look at me like who's this person this alien from from wherever any it's not because you're a white person it's because Europe tropical fish walking among US human toll yes this is because I'm slightly toll and then do your tropical fish. Yeah I mean it is fascinating and it gets back to you. What you were saying about the other right like we come to understand what we're exposed to and so that's like the thing you've talked a lot about being open to meeting people and hearing what they have to say and that makes them not the other even even if they are very different from you you they're still part of the greater human experience will as I told you about my experience with Anne when I became quiet can't and was able to listen to Ami who I met at the Plantation House telling me about her life? That's when I was learning something instead of just being like my experience my way. This is how I see the south. I was willing to let somebody else explained to me their version of the south and it shocked me because the stereotypes that people have a so wrong and they based on such a small all part of the world like people say things like New York is brewed stereotype from I went always cracks me up a little bit because in my experience to me I meet some of the friendliest people I've ever met in New York Line. Why do you think the south has this reputation and that's the southern accent has reputation? The very notion of the south has a reputation well. There are certainly reasons right like we have a tag on Dr Show where we talk about. Racism is not something that only happened in the south but because it was where a lot of high profile civil rights moments moments happened. It looks like we're that link. The South is where the battle over racism was happening. The other thing too that I think is that we don't always realize how oh rooted in history. Some of these ideas are going all the way back to the civil war like two northerners. There are still roots of that idea that everyone everyone in the south is a stupid backwards person similarly. I mean I remember going to high school with I had a wonderful teacher but her family would still talk about about people north of the Mason Dixon Line as though they were the enemy like she was telling the story one day about how her brother was engaged to a woman from like Pennsylvania Kenya and it was like the families scandal weight that was more than a hundred years ago that this actually took place like you don't have to do the <hes> the Yankees versus confederacy thing. I'm not sure why this is playing out but I think that those tendrils have continued longer than people realize not everyone everyone embraces change particularly not social change in its like wild things may be progressing in one way the people that don't like it really rally the other way and those they're passing those ideas to the next generation after that et Cetera I mean it's the same thing that we talk about in terms of how we see. They're racist. This is how we see L._G._B._T._Q.. People again it goes back to that idea of their this way like it becomes that Monolithic idea of southerners are this way northerners her this way when really I mean you could meet someone from almost any place on earth and once you get over any possible like language barriers they could ticking assortment of boxes of identities and descriptors that you would find similar in almost any place in the world depending on what their culture and geography has has given them to begin with. This is why you get on the plane and you go and see everything else yes so that you can learn that everything else is the same missio yeah I mean it's so cliche but there really are more similarities than differences usually at the end of the day. I'm most people just want the basics straight they wanNA find love and connection and community and a place to call home. Everything else is Kinda gravy. I mean this is the stuff. When you talk about on your show yeah I mean that's the thing that always gets me right like we have discussed often? When people are like what is your show about? I'm like the fact that there have always always been people in the world of every stripe that we maybe we're not led to believe if you only read you know history books because those tend to be a lot of old white guys yes there have always been women have always been people of color. There have always been people all over the spectrum of gender and sexuality they were well having the human experience to and contributing to history even though maybe their stories didn't get the attention they deserve. That's why you should shut the fuck up and learn something yes but I've been talking talking an awful lot so you teach me something. If you'd like to listen to more of holly you can find her at stuff. You missed in history class which is that missed in history everywhere and social media and missed in history dot com online..

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