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Like look. So different now than what it was me I started so much better some might be worse, but typically you sort of collaborate with your clients and get feedback in Asia Go. So I guess it's the same with the course. Never second things getting out of your head I think is the first problem people face the grove well into that they don't just start the next thing you were gonNA overwhelmed with his tech. So let's talk about the tech stack because people think that to have. Of course, you have to have like all the bells and whistles you have to have all the password protected sites, and as you said for the initial ratio of your need, is skype group. Eventually, do our course. into somewhere that you can, you can start refined at making look a bit more slicks talk to me about how do we not let the tech stack stockpiles because a lot of people do get off of that person getting at the age service for less. Yeah it's a it's a great question I do see a lot of people get tech weeds and I've seen millionaire course creators who have nothing but a dropbox file with a bunch of videos in it like when people by the course, they just get access to that dropbox folder. And I bet if you're watching this now. You can do that. If you deliver it live like we talked about all you need is like a Zuma Zuma counter skype account and a pay pal account or whatever. Like it can be very very men having a mindset of minimalism is really important. You know get to wordpress as an example if you already have a wordpress website. I see people sometimes get into especially if they're newer to wordpress, there's all these like page builders and fancy layouts and all this stuff that like let's go back can just remember the person is buying course they want a content, they wanNA transformation information they might need you to kind of lay out steps of what to do like assignments or. Supporting resources to like help facilitate the learning. The fancy lay out is not worth getting sidetracked gone So minimalism is super key especially for the first iteration I love that you said outsourcing it. This was this was such a problem in our community at lifter ness that. We created what we call. It Lifts L. Experts Program so that people could be look. You know there are other people who like they'll wordpress sites all day long that can do it for you or like in your World Barbara with the virtual assistance. I've had a virtual assistant for the same one for like six years and I have no idea where I would be without Kathy. and. It's just like where where do you? Where do you WANNA spend your time? It's hard enough thing about this whole thing of writing a book. Guilty, I tried to write a book. You just needed a computer and a word processor course creation we're getting into videos getting into audio getting into website. There's more attack than the book author things have you thought writing a book was hard? Courses. Go minimal use the camera that's already in your laptop and the audio stuff that's already in your laptop. If you already have a wordpress site for marketing drop in the free version of lifter LMS build out the outline based on the tips we just described of specific customer specific result even if you haven't created content yet and get moving in, you know hook it up to striper pay pal like this is the minimum tech stack and that's it. That's how you start is a free version. Cilicia. Lift your plugin for which is Great. Yeah. So that's that's the thing I learned in this four day boot camp is this instructional designer dude was like like we weren't even halfway through it we already had the prototype bill inside of a wordpress site it with left. It was done like is like so you can actually prototype your course idea for free. You don't have to invest a ton of money you can get a free pay PAL ACCOUNT A. Free lifter and you have to pay a little bit for your domain name in your website, but you probably already have that anyways. So that the the money doesn't need to get in a way to start. Yeah I look at the moment everything ocoee saying this all these lives for during the reality is, yes we are going through a crisis time. Yes. A lot of businesses have been smashed when I can tell you one thing we know for sure everybody's online everybody's unfaithful. Everybody's listening to podcasts. Everybody is online because we're all at home, right? It's it's. Probably the best time ever to actually think about if you not online, you know there's lots of strategies you can start a podcast you can start a membership size you can get your online course created you can get your your your business digitalized pretty easily and capitalizing on this moment in time it's it's a moment in time and it it may not happen again. So you just try to get you know at your way and get this stuff up on. It actually is not difficult. You can get the as to help. You can hire people online to help, but you can also do success what you really want to do, but it's time to. Get there. So that brings me to something you wanna discuss about pivoting. So some businesses are now going to have to us. You know I've just seen amazing stories like this even a shop in seat Ni I heard the story of a in Sydney Australia that is Chuck Shaw Right they sell choppers and they very quickly Peterson and got their shot up online and they did more sales than they are now he was Easter so let's be honest that was They. Managed to do like explosive sales even though shop was closed during a time of crisis time because they fast and fusion got the shovel in life. So. Let's talk him at stories you put in our school. I think you should needs today about a Saas company that got their online course using germ got their online course up fast, and the idea was to stop churn stunk consolation healthier their customers to get more success and to create more sales to talk about have used this as a pivot story This is a pivot opportunity. There's a lot of lessons in what Adrian Toby of groundhog did with his pivot to having a adding an academy to his business. So the first thing is he was able to move extremely fast because he was already a techie. So you already knew wordpress, but you could experience the same results just by outsourcing to a va like the wordpress part but he had. His Academy, a look great in like a day or a week or something, and then he went about creating the course. He actually created three courses. One was a quick start course and how to use the software. Another was how to use his software for his most popular on use case customer which funny enough is actually course creator and number three He created a partner program. That people could join the where he trains them on how to sell basically to become power affiliates and promotional partners with his company. He had all that up and running like in less than a month and you know it reduces churn help people activate into a software. And You know it it it it just value to his community. So he didn't have to hire more people to manually on deliver those. Activities he did it through education in scalable way. On, but the pivot is everything I mean. Just. To go on one small tangent, I remember when I was. New kind of getting.

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