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But that isn't the backs the, let's put on a play Ray Ray, say, saying the book that like a winning play, it's a play. It's a show and it's not about you. I mean, it's your day, right? But if you put on a big play, it's a production and your moment is short and in the middle, but it's the main thing and you'll get something out of it no matter what. Leading up to is going to be about like whether or not the Greenberg Kensit it by the hendersons or what's you know which cake you're gonna pick like it's all it's about outside stuff. Not your love for each other. We've been to some big production weddings. Fantastic. I mean, they're fun. I like going to them. We know when the if they can get the courses out quick. Two way went to one recently. We went to one. Wow. I guess it's up in there. Sears who was it two years ago, the six hundred, the six hundred person one. Yeah, we went to Chris Hardwick sweating. Yeah. Six hundred. I had a friend who is hey goes, we were starting out in left field. I I loved loved our Woohoo. our Woohoo comics and stuff, and one of my buddies it goes, you see the screen over there where they're showing the wedding. I'm behind that with some of the staff. That's where I'm sitting. My buddies are Steve AG has a show on this network. He was sitting over there. It was epic, but it was also though something fun about how epic it was. There was a robot in it, and there was, you know, and there was a lot of there's a band. I don't think we ever even saw the big countries start that. I've never heard of, but I looked, I looked up later because we had to give away our phones when we got there with it was locked down. But later I was like, wow, this person's had like five number one hits. I've never heard of him. Right. It was. It was it was a to-do, here's what to do. And I have to say it wasn't easy to really enjoy it. You would have. I would be having chest pains. I think about in the book for the wedding. We went to where it was small and interested, Ron, and kind of pretty and sort of very personal and the person who married them like just botched it. No, yeah. We name names, but the name names, but we going either of us would have been a better choice to marry those people like he really blew it. Yeah, he really just didn't have any. It was like my engagement. It just there was no preparation. It was a full winging it and I'm like, this is their wedding saying important? Yeah, it was like, you know, because I've done a few weddings. It was literally just one step away from dick jokes, like it was so unprepared and just dude riffing and is like what, and also for a guy who works near microphones quite a bit. He was really unintelligible, and it was kind of a, yeah, I thought that that too, that fit the couple now. No, it was just wrong. It was at thing like I get, I get why he was chosen as the person to do it, but but there. But clearly it had not been handled with the gravity has should be. And I think once it was happening the Brian girl both like he's, he's gonna. He's gonna pull this into something nice right at some point, he's going to say something about us or relationship or future or what something note. And now it's over and it was fast. It was so fast because he got nervous so nervous. It was clear watching parent. Yeah, he opened Mike, our wedding. Better next time guys. I got another five. I shouldn't have done these two jokes. I forgot about this. I really should have made it. It it. It was almost as though there was this episode of parks and rec where Tom Haverford one was going to marry Ben and Leslie, and he was like, but he couldn't get our deigned fast enough. So Gary mortgage head to do it. But his whole thing was like, he's going to open with like, he's got the Chris rock joke, and then he was going to do you know he? He had like all this stuff isn't do..

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