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In the fan. I am Susan Waldman. I'm up here in Westchester and down in Florida is my partner, Howie Rose. Is and we were talking about this day in Yankee history, and it was June 28th 1976 when the Yankees actually his first time we were all really aware of this rookie for the Detroit Tigers. Mark Fidrych, who was talking to the ball on the mound and all these great things that that he did, and in that lineup that day was too full for off a Fidrych wass. A two time All Star played 15 years for the New York Yankees and a two time World Series champion American League pennant Rin and one of the nicest people you have ever met your whole life. Roy White EIroy. It's Susan and how it here on the fan. How are you? Good. Great to be talking to some baseball people. Where you voice, right. I'm in New Jersey. Yeah. Okay. Let me ask you about that. Do you remember that? I'm looking at this lineup in its rivers and White May and Chambliss and Medals and Gamble and Hendrix and Randolph Randolph's betting seventh. It's so Grossman and do you remember seeing Mark Fidrych for the first time in what that was like? Oh, yeah. You know, we're all excited about having the opportunity to face him. I think he must have been. I don't know if he was 18 1 or something like that. You know, going into that game, and we all heard about him in All the goofy mannerisms that he had so so we were kind of really excited and looking forward to facing in that night. When you saw Roy, those goofy gyrations, he would go through on the mound, padding the mound in the baseball doing a 1,000,000 different, zany things, You know, just having a feel for what Major league players are alike. When it comes to somebody who's a little on the unusual sight, I could only imagine. But what could you share with us about some of the things you might have been saying on the bench when you saw this act for the first time? Ah, Jesus that I don't really recall. I think we all had seen film of You know what he had been doing. So we were kind of aware, you know that he would clean the mound of dirt on his hands and knees and brush it stuff like that. So we all got a big kick out of it, Really? It didn't bother us in any way or nobody was upset. You know that he was doing goopy stuff like that, because we have so many goofy characters on our own like Sparky Lyle. Right? So if there was a team for him to face that would have been the deep was barking with those guys and Nettles probably had a few things to say. What was it that he did? You're too for four. And Nettles was also too full for everybody else wasn't so hot against him. What? Exactly? And this was an his career obviously was cut short. He had all kinds of injuries. But what was it that you remember that he did Besides talking to the baseball of cleaning the mom? Well, you know, the fact that he was really a low ball pitcher was good for me because up on the left hand side of the plate. I love the ball, you know, from the belt down, so I was kind of getting balls that I'd like to swing it. So I think that's why I was successful with him that night, you know, going to for four. Well, you know, some of the other guys had a little bit more trouble, Nothing metals with another guy. It was probably a pretty good lowball hitter. So I think that the fact that I may be successful against him that night, Remember Thurman saying that he couldn't pick up the ball against the very well But for me, I I got a pretty good view. But he moved the ball in and out, and the ball was always moving. You know, you take it think it any and he had a good slider. So, uh, any work fast, you know, so there was a lot of fun plan against him. I think he'd beat it that night. I couldn't read that box score that I said you said, you know it was the water realized 5 to 15 to one. But we got revenge. He has. He showed up a few weeks later in New York, and I think we bob him and knocked him out. After 45 minutes. I hit a home run off that game. I think maybe Oscar Gamble. Might have hit it off with him, too. So, look, now we got some revenge again. Well, that was such a fun year for the Yankees. But I have to imagine it was especially gratifying for you who would come up with the Yankees right at the end of the dynasty in the mid sixties and finally made it to the big leagues for good a few years later, but to have gone through the amount of difficulty seasons you did with the Yankees, and then to be rewarded the way you were in the mid and late seventies, Just basically, when you look back on the entirety of your career, did all of what you went through. Early, make those few years at the end worth it. No doubt about it. You know that 1976 season was some of the most fun that I've ever had playing baseball. You know, That's what team I had really turned around. And finally, I was getting a chance to hit number two after for so many years, you know, five years I have clean up for the Yankees because we had nobody else. You know, That wasn't really my kind of game because I was kind of a speak I I could get on base. Like it, but so finally at Big Rivers ahead of me, you know we could hit Iran he could steal I could steal. And it was really fun Baseball, You know, so I enjoyed that season that all those years I was waiting to get to the World Series and we finally did that year. Even though we got beat by the Reds, But then we came back in 77 78 got to play my hometown Dodgers or a group out of Compton, California So So that was a thrill the beat those guys twice. And I get to be in the series that had my my parents, you know, see me perform out there. So so it was all worth it. After all those years of kind of suffering, you know, one of the things and people that never saw Roy playing there all kinds of things on YouTube now led American League outfielders and fielding percentage for four straight years. And, uh, I think where I went a lot of people I don't know..

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